You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi horny m

You: hi female here.

Stranger: age

Stranger: ?

You: you first

Stranger: 20

You: 25

Stranger: cool

Stranger: u have kik or skype ?

Stranger: im from france

You: yeah. It is cool.

Stranger: kik me on WAYCAKE

Stranger: and my skype is WAYKIKI17

Stranger: where u from

Stranger: ?

You: you*

You: I'm*

You: France*

Stranger: u from france?

You: No. I was simply correcting your grammatical/spelling errors.

Stranger: haha im not good on english

Stranger: thks anw

Stranger: so u have kik or skype?

Stranger: im so horny

Stranger: and exciting

Stranger: make me c**

You: The way you type sounds either like an immature boy/girl trying to troll here, or a person being serious and was just learning English from some illiterate American.

Stranger: suck my d**k

Your conversational partner has disconnected.