Sanguinary blood stories

Chapter 5 = Through the fire...

Kynneth looked around the desert and did like he did before with his hand calling for a guide. It pointed him in the right direction as he looked back to see where Raiziki as who told him to head off ahead and that he would catch up eventually. He kept walking following his little orb before it suddenly disappeared out in the middle of now where he just looked around confused for a bit before he tried a couple more times with nothing happening at all. He looked around and just headed towards where he was going originally and he came up to a old scrap yard. He looked around at the gate. He looked at it having no idea what to do or where to go and as he was about to turn around and leave he heard a voice from the top of the gate.
"Hey, you looking for the Controller?" He asked Kynneth as Kynneth just looked confused.
"Well, around the wastelands he is well known, and if you don't know you must have been from one of the city or the strongholds, anyway, he might want to meet y..." The guy stopped as a bullet flew through the air and drilled right between the guy's eyes and exploded out the back of his head along with the brains and mush as the guy dropped off the bridge and raiders came from all around heading over the gate with different things like grappling hooks and untested rocket boots that exploded every now and then. He watched as a couple came up to him and he just stepped out of the way totally confused for a minute before it finally clicked in his brain and the next raiders that came up got a face full of his holy orb and bashed back. He kept fighting through going through the compound as guy's that were with the fortress told him that the controller would be waiting for him when he got up there. As he fought through the fortress he finally got up to the top just to see a big metal robot in his. As he readied himself to fight he saw it get ripped in half by a big gigantic guy with a double bladed chainsaw. This guy just screamed as he rushed after Kynneth just bashed it back once and then twice before Kynneth did it over and over again as it was burning down his energy. The big guy seemed unphased by all of it and as the guy was about to reach Kynneth a metal blade with wires stuck right through the guy's chest from the back before he lit on fire and burnt to ash. Kynneth looked around for who or what ever helped him and as he got up looking around he felt a blade on the back of his neck.
"Who are you? And are you with those bandits?" The voice asked as it sounded like a girl. Kynneth just stood there.
"Ok, first I'm Kynneth arthur from Regile town, and no, I mean do I even look like I'm with those guy's?" He asked as he just turned around.
"That's a good point you make." She said moving the blade away as she smiled. "The name's Scarlet, the controller around here." She said as she began to head over to a chair to sit down...TBC