My Bio Story--Chapter 112

I sat up and cracked the joints in my neck.

"Give up, hoo! I have you on the ropes!" chuckled Poyo.

Facing the ground, I pushed myself up slowly. "Is that so?"

"What are you talking about? I burned you to a crisp just now!"

I gritted my teeth and felt my chakra explode.

"What power! It's still not enough! Die!" In an instant, Poyo charged full speed and power towards me. I stood there with the erupted chakra flowing all around me.

I placed a hand on his forehead before he swung at me.

"Huh?" he wondered.

I shoved his face into the earth as he let out a cry. I lifted him up high off the ground and tossed him a couple feet.

As the dust cleared, he held his face in his hand. "How.... how are you still this strong after taking a direct hit from my Giga-Technique?!"

As more and more chakra exploded, I felt three tails emerging from the red cloak.

"It's not fair!" cried Poyo. He threw fist after fists of fire. But the flames only dispersed after touching the red chakra cloak surrounding my body.

Poyo placed both hands together and aimed it at me again. "I'll make sure you won't be coming back after this!"

I looked up at him emotionless. I shut my eyes and prepared myself for Poyo's next move.

"Ape Taijutsu: Gorilla Giga-Punch Technique!" he screamed into the sky.

His hands glowed with massive blue chakra.

The gorilla emerged from the bright light and roared. It charged straight at me. When I opened my eyes I crossed my fingers together and widened my stance. "Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!"

I created five pairs of myself, each creating a giant rasengan.

One by one, they charged straight at the gorilla, but were too slow. The gorilla smacked them away as if they were flies.

There was only one pair of clones left. While they waited for the right time to strike, so was I.

The pair threw themselves toward the rampaging beast. That's when I took my chance.

"This one's yours!" cried one of the clones who threw the giant rasengan up between me and the gorilla. In an instant, they disappeared by the gorilla's hand.

As the giant gorilla spirit and I charged at each other, the only thing between us was the giant rasengan. With both hands, I weaved my seal and created a super chidori again.

I could feel us both inching closer and closer to the ball of light. As he opened his mouth to swallow me whole in the fire, I pierced the giant rasengan with one hand. I felt the gorilla swallowing me whole as the fire burned some parts of my clothes.

I knew it wouldn't take long now. The blue ball started to glow a white color. Everything went quiet after that. But I felt the strong force of the explosion with the two techniques clashing together. The gorilla exploded from its mouth and dispersed into sparks. I fell down to the earth, eyes still locked with Poyo's.

I landed hard on the ground with a knee. As I stood up, I could see Poyo shaking in fear.

I walked towards him and stood about a few feet away. "It's over. I defeated your best technique and now you're going to die."

Poyo fell to his knees and began to tremble.

"Look into my eyes!" I cried.

Poyo immediately fell unconscious.

As I sighed, I turned to see my father with his foot atop of Niko's chest.

"Good job, Asuke. What kind of technique did you use to make him faint?"

"I didn't use any," I grinned.

My father gave me a thumbs up, and we watched as Deidara placed the giant turtle in the big open field within the forest.

"Zetsu!" called Deidara.

"What is it?" he groaned.

"Open a doorway for the turtle to slip underneath, hm!"

Zetsu placed both hands on the ground and the earth split in two, opening up underneath the turtle like a giant mouth. As the turtle fell through, we turned around to see the army just about to give up.

"Everybody, we're done here. Head inside quickly. I'll finish them off," said Pain.

As Akatsuki jumped through the hole in the ground, Pain stood there with the other five Pain look-alikes. One by one, they collapsed on the ground around Pain.

I heard him sigh as he jumped straight up into the sky.

He looked down and faced both palms to the surrounding area of the base.

"Almighty Push!" he cried.

I stared in disbelief as the ground around the base flattened deeper into the ground. Trees, rocks, even hills all erased by Pain's technique. He'd be a really tough opponent when it came to battle. Glad he was on our side.

Just like that, all of Akatsuki disappeared into the dark depths of the hidden underground base to await this 'ritual' I've been hearing so much about.