I just remembered my ImageShack and Photobucket accounts. lol

You know what that means? Time to upload a lot of Gaia avatars. First, the old stuff - I had a few saved from when I was a nooblet on Gaia eight years ago. (Or an eternity in Gaia time.

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

They're not exactly in date order, but they're about from when I first started (the bottom right one was my first "real" avatar on Gaia, actually - if the face is exceedingly derpy, that's because Gaia broke when I was creating my avatar and it stuck me with that until I figured out how to delete avatars) to mid 2004, when I ended up drifting off of Gaia to RO for a few years.

Yes, I thought I was the s**t for having a fox set for a hot minute. cool Yes, this is what sufficed for a "good" avatar back then - or at least, what I thought constituted a good avatar. lol

And yes, I saved one from the time the avatar system glitched and the genders got screwed up. Back then, many - if not most - items were gendered, so you couldn't really have cross-dressers (like, say, Sifen and Wolfram as two prominent AT examples). So when the avatar system broke, that pretty much forced it so that I couldn't use most of my invo.

Of course, it was fun to just run around in a bikini and booty shorts for a night until it was fixed. xd

The bottom left was actually my main avatar for a few months - just around the time I bought my devil tail. It's probably the equivalent of the Sainte Ciel-based avatar nowadays - EVERYBODY wore some variation of the complex shirt/snowbored pants combo, it seemed. lol