There it was. Sitting there. With its eyes- where ever they were.
As we were driving in the car, the spring weather attracted many people; as well as bugs. The spider just sat on the car's door handle, twitching at every speed bump the car ran into.

"Yes Steyla?" Said my mom, in her annoying ayshunn-ness.
"There's a gigantic spider in the car."

She handed me a piece of paper from last week's Chipotle. Thanks, mom.

I attempted to fit the square item into my hand as some form of glove, but it just wouldn't fit right. I sighed, then quickly grabbed the spider. It didn't struggle or hesitate; it just sat there between my two fingers, probably doing nothing. That is my fear of killing insects- the dreadful crack when you squish them.
I put slight pressure on the bug. It twitched.
A little more pressure. It squirmed.
Finally, my index and thumb connected. The crack happened. Ew.