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                                                Role: The Synergist

                                                Age: 20

                                                Appearance: Robyn's blonde hair falls down to her mid-back, and is cut in shorter layers that frame her face. Her eyes are a dark green and compliment her olive skin. She stands at 5'6 and has a slender, lithe body. Robyn's taste in clothing is fairly normal for a girl her age. She dislikes the cold, so she is usually wearing a hoodie to keep warm and jeans.

                                                Personality: For all of her life, Robyn has striven for normalcy and has been unable to obtain it. Because of this, she has the tendency to feel left out in the presence of others. She craves their friendship and love, but has never been one to put herself in a position of attention. So, Robyn has liked to stay in the background and observe the others around her. Despite this, Robyn does not boast timidity or fear. She speaks quite well, and even forceful at times when she believes in something strongly enough. Robyn has a special affection for children, though has never thought of having any of her own. She has never felt that she would have the want or need to settle down like many others do. In all reality, she has never felt particularly comfortable with her life in general. She has always felt that something is missing, and in truth, that hole in her life is directly connected with her status as an unrealized Adept.

                                                Likes/Dislikes: Robyn has a taste for art and music alike. For a while, she was involved in gymnastics and dance, and prefers to be moving and physical than at a standstill. She is somewhat afraid of the dark and has never liked storms.

                                                Skills/Powers: As an Adept, Robyn has become something of a synergist. With these enhancing skills, she can focus on the powers of others and take them into herself. The other's powers are enhanced, and she is able to use them herself. Her powers affect both Adepts and Shadows alike. This may also affect her skill in other things as well. Robyn tends to notice that she picks up on skills fairly easily, such as dance or swordplay, especially in the presence of others who are performing them around her. Her powers create a connection between Robyn and the person she is affecting. Because of this, her emotions are directly affected, and she will often take on the other person's feelings or parts of their personality. That sharing of emotions can be controlled and dimmed as she gains skill with her powers.

                                                Bound Onyx Shade: Darian Lacrose

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                                                Robyn can't boast of an extravagant life, but up until just recently, she has never wanted to. She grew up with normal enough parents and had a sister four years younger. Her parents divorced when she was 16 years old, and in the middle of the mess of things, she left to live with her aunt in a single bedroom house in New York. She was a quiet teenager, and was out of the house more than in it, so the lack of space or privacy didn't tend to bother her. School became the only problem when she found that she could never quite find her place among the other students. She was neither accepted or outcasted, but instead was kept in an unhappy medium as the acquaintance of many. Robyn grew somewhat bitter to people over the course of her highschool career because of this, and found in her loneliness that she craved their love and attention more than anything else.

                                                Still, she did not strive to be the center of attention. Her laid back personality kept her grounded as she grew to become a woman. With the lack of social interaction, she went to fill her time with other things. Robyn learned an array of musical instruments and started singing for a short time. She was involved in gymnastics and dance, and was interested in painting for a time (though she still cannot claim any talent in art). She learned how to use a gun and eventually took martial arts classes. Always unsatisfied, Robyn even found herself jumping from one job to another odd one. She would go from being a cashier to scraping gutters or working in a funeral home. The jobs were as short lived as her interest. However, it eventually came time when she considered moving out of her aunt's home to one of her own. It would turn out that the woman would die of cancer. The single-bedroom house would become Robyn's, and so she decided she would stay in New York until other plans claimed her.

                                                Frustration of her mundane life became a daily weight on her shoulders. She just wanted to have things other normal people had, like a family and friends. A steady job. Something to live for. At her breaking point, she knew that these things were unattainable. Part of her wished for something to make her feel alive. Strange things began to happen as the wish came from her lips, and she would just as soon regret it.

                                                People began to follow her. She noticed the same faces almost every day to and from her job. Thinking herself in danger, and so used to switching from one to another, she quit and changed her route home. Still, she would find the same people walking just a distance away. Finally, she turned to confront one of them. It was a woman--dazzingly beautiful and blonde. She spoke with a grace on her tongue, and an underlying violence. Feeling threatened, Robyn turned to run home. It became a chase, and she just narrowly escaped. This began to happen again and again as her stalkers became more aggressive. There was no explanation for the strange things happening to her. There was no root for her fear to take hold of. Robyn began to have nightmares, and would return to her house every night with lights blazing, doors and windows locked, and music playing for fear of silence.

                                                Finally, the day came when Darian Lacrose came crashing into her--literally. At first, thinking him one of her stalkers, she reacted sorely to the man. Though rude, the man helped her to her house. This was the first time that someone had spoken of destiny to Robyn. He claimed that they were destined to meet that day, and the fact would only be solidified as she returned home to find one of the Shadows of Lament standing in her living room. With the direction of Darian Lacrose, an Onyx Shade, Robyn realized her true powers as an Adept and fought with the demon. It was of fire, and her powers took on the demon's abilities. Though the demon was destroyed at battle's end, her house was burned to shambles. With no job, no place to live, and destiny staring her straight in the mouth, Robyn chose to follow Darian. Finally, she would feel that she belonged. Though afraid, she would feel a purpose that burned inside her. She would take Darian's instruction and train herself as an Adept. She would meet the other demons that prowled the streets of New York and eradicate them like she had the first.

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                                                Artwork Created By: Matsui Hiroaki at ShuuShuu Image Boards.

                                                Profile Inspired By: The Vampire Flynn series by Peter Dawes (Robin), Flyleaf Memento Mori, Paramore "Miracle".

                                                Profile Created By : Corrinne Sorenthaine


Shades of Grey Introduction:

It is the nature of humans to ignore what is too difficult to believe. This is fact, or this need for the telling of the ancient battles would not exist. Even before the time of worldwide religion that spread the knowledge of demons across the earth, they stalked and hunted man for the pleasure of it alone. They were monsters, beasts of nightmares. There was once a time when they ran rampant and slaughtered all in their paths. You can thank all of the heavens that it is also human nature to survive. In the presence of this great threat, heroes emerged from the lowly humans. They fought back despite the odds, and in return, the heavens granted them the power to be victorious. Be it magic or the human heart itself, the demons were fought back and eventually lost their place as the higher power on Earth. Humans prevailed, and so the recording of our history began.

Those ancient battles were lost in history to be replaced by myths. These were fashioned to protect young minds from unadulterated fear, so it was forgotten that such demons ever existed. The memory of the heroes of old died with the Shadows of Lament. Time passed and civilizations grew. And though memory can be erased with time and effort, the presence of the monsters in the night would never be.

The demons still exist, and they prowl to destroy all remnants of the heroes that once tore them from their seats of power. Under the guise of unsolved murders and the fluctuation of missing persons, the demons prowl the planet to feed their desires. The violence within the cities has been attributed to the various gangs, and as it has been for centuries, the demon activity has been ignored for what is more easily understood. They hunt the innocent, and seek those descendants of heroes that are called Adepts today. Humans have learned to ignore the constant murder for the comfort of ignorance. It is by heaven's will itself that there are those blessed people that still remember and seek out those with the gifts. It is their only hope to destroy the demons and protect society from what it ignores. These wise men and women are called the Onyx Shades, and although they lack the power to fight and kill the Shadows of Lament, they wield the determination and knowledge to find those Adepts of power and open their eyes. The Onyx Shades and Adepts meet, even under our noses today, and with their binding of souls they battle against the demons that threaten us all.

Even with the battles between the good and the evil, there is no place for light and dark. Black and white. There are shades of grey in between that paint the picture of your future. Your destinies. Be you the unknowing Adept or a Demon of the night, you have a place in the unwritten history of the Shades that will forever affect the lives of millions.

Character Types:

The Onyx Shades:
Normal humans; trained in various fighting styles and in the use of various weapons in order to better serve as protectors to their assigned adepts. Backed by a faceless, nameless, world-wide organization to which they belong, the Shades are a mysterious group dedicated to destroying the Shadows of Lament and all those who aid them.

The Adepts:
Humans bound to their respective Onyx Shades and blessed with powers that would put them on equal terms with the Shadows of Lament, they are the ones destined to rid the world of the demons lurking among us for good.

Shadows of Lament:
Demons; their reasons, causes, and methods vary, but all of them have one thing in common: finding and slaying any Adepts they can get their hands on.

The Shadowed:

Humans who have aligned themselves with the Shadows of Lament for various reasons. They are the counterpart to the Onyx Shades and serve to help the Shadows locate and destroy any Adepts that cross their paths.

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