Kusamurao Juraika

Username: Mazele
Shinigami Name: Kusamurao Juraika
Human Name:
Margatroid Marguerite Malta(full name)
Mar-Mar, Mar (Nicknames) (Was a cat previously, one of two cats Satomi owned)

Actual Age: 574
Appearance Age: Early to Mid-twenties
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 182 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue

Blood Type: B
Medical Conditions: Standard procedure in blood transfusions. Identify source as lacking both FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia virus) before proceeding

Wardrobe: Juraika isn't fond of the standard uniform, and emulates her "mother", in wearing a shihakusho that doesn't irritate her. More specifically, pressing against her. Instead of tucking in her kosode into the hakama, Juraika's solution was to cut it off and stitch it close to the hakama. Further customizing the kosode, the sleeves have obviously been torn off and replaced much deeper sleeves that are sewn back on to the main body of the garment with very thick thread. It exposes shoulder skin with the quality of the stitching. The lower half of the uniform, the hakama, ride at the hips, just as she sees her "mother" do. It works out well, though has had to shorten the hakama due to the different positioning and tendency to go barefoot and climb things. It goes without saying that she wears no tabi or waraji. Distinctive to Juraika are her pair of yellow sunglasses she wears on her head. They look akin to goggles with a strap instead of arms, and she never actually wears them functionally.

Physical Appearance: [x]

Personal Information

Likes: Tuna salad, egg salad (hold the onions and veggies on both), snuggling, sleeping, pillows
Dislikes: Curling irons, combs, laser pointers, dogs, mice, baths, water, sweets
Fears: Fire, cats, blankets
Takaeda Satomi - Adoptive mother, "sister"
Kusamurao Kugimiya - Adventuring partner-of-sorts, "sister"

Personality: Juraika is much alike to what she was prior to her "personification". Very docile and affable, she dislikes combat. Non-judgmental towards most, Juraika's sense of friendship is broad in general terms. For example, if someone were to kick her in the face out of spite or hatred or some other odd reason, her first thoughts and action wouldn't be revenge. Instead, it is to figure out what for. Very understanding around people with problems. People have described her as "fluffy", and not in a weight sense. Juraika has a tendency not to say a whole lot at all, and simply be around people. In fact, that's a large part of her personality. Juraika loves company and moderate amounts of attention. When forced into a conflict, she is a defensive type, preferring not to engage in close range, both out of personality and disadvantage her weapon has. When scared or fleeing, she has moderate speed, but almost predictably runs back to "mom". Happy is the definition of her being most of the time, or "contented" is more applicable. Life is simple, and good. If she were to be scolded or get in trouble for something, Juraika usually goes to hide and plaintively sulk. She appears to know right and wrong, as well as be able to read. Good at playing fetch and seemingly eternally patient...so long as she is fed.

Affiliation Information

Species: Soul
Ethnicity: Converted Ragamuffin breed cat (Conversion/Personification is that of a Caucasian/Taiwanese mix)
Race: Shinigami
Division: 10th
Seat Lieutenant
Occupation: Acting Quartermaster, Morale Officer

Background Information

Past Divisions: 13th (Indirectly as a cat on grounds with "mother" Satomi)
Time Line:
  • April 30th, 1587 - Juraika is born in Rukongai
  • February 1st, 1588 - Takaeda Satomi adopts Juraika from a local pet store for the steal of a price of 600 kan.
  • September 18th, 1709 - Takaeda Satomi officially rises to power as the 140th head of the Toshiie Noble House. Juraika is stated a member of the house. Uproars ensue.
  • March 7th, 1782 - A coup d'état against the current head of the house is executed, first attempt made on Juraika's life.
  • March 9th, 1782 - Several members of the house and all associated with the coup are put to death. Juraika is named successor.
  • June 5th, 1880 - Takaeda Satomi bears her first child and adopts a second kitten to keep Juraika company during the time of transition. Satomi names the kitten "Kugimiya" and the two cats become acquainted.
  • July 21st, 1916 - Takaeda Satomi and then husband Tsuruya Korenaga are divorced.
  • July 22nd, 1916 - Takaeda Satomi takes her child, Juraika and Kugimiya, to the north estate in Rukongai, abandoning most of the family's remaining grounds to the common Rukongai resident.
  • August 5th, 1916 - After two weeks of meditating and in desperation, Satomi takes both Juraika and Kugimiya to the Institute of Research and Development with a request to empower them. Through discreet bribery, this is successful.
  • May 24th, 1920 - Juraika and Kugimiya emerge from their stasis tanks and are immediately embraced by their "mother" and eldest child. Juraika and Kugimiya discover that Satomi is pregnant with not her second, but third child.
  • May 25th, 1920 - After receiving some rudimentary education in taking care of themselves, the two accompany Satomi home, where they learn their purpose now to guard her and her children. It is there they meet Satomi's second husband. Mixed reactions follow.
  • February 22nd, 1996 - Juraika and Kugimiya tend to Satomi's growing "litter" of children, helping out as well as guarding them. They receive their first monetary compensation.
  • September 3rd, 1997 - Juraika and Kugimiya receive training on how to manifest a zanpakuto, the former of which is successful and carries it around in her mouth.
  • February 17th, 2001 - The two have had to expel both second and third husbands, the latter came with assistance from shinigami. This marks Juraika and Kugimiya's first association with other members of the gotei 13, and are commended for helping.
  • February 18th, 2001 - Satomi receives a letter extending an invitation for her two "children" to join the gotei 13 proper. Kugimiya also achieves zanpakuto manifestation the same day.
  • March 15th, 2062 - Satomi is critically injured during an attempted uprising, Juraika and Kugimiya successfully defend the children and evacuate Satomi. Through difficulty navigating language barriers, the pair are successful in escorting Satomi and her children to the 13th division headquarters, and then taking the former to receive proper medical attention.
  • March 2062 to November 2063 - Juraika and Kugimiya alternate attending Satomi's side as she recovers and tending to Satomi's children.
  • January 4th, 2064 - Juraika and Kugimiya are summoned to be issued the request to formally join the gotei thirteen protection squads at their mother's bequest and begin restoring the name of the now-defunct Toshiie Noble House. Eldest child Tsuruya Isoruko pledges to help raise his siblings so that his sisters can go help his mother. The two enroll the very same day.
  • January 2064 to January 2069 - The two spend their time in the academy, eventually graduating and officially joining the gotei 13.
  • January 29th, 2069 - Juraika applies and joins Tenth Division as a means of serving and being readily available to tend to Satomi if needed. Kugimiya opts out and joins Third Division, and remains almost constantly out on patrol henceafter.
  • August 3rd, 2070 - Complications arise within the division, and Juraika is left as the most senior and powerful shinigami within at the rank of eighth seat. In the restructure, she is assigned the rank of lieutenant, to ensure the division is kept running. Juraika is notified that she is not expected to attend captain meetings as a representative, and her division's paperwork is covered by First Division.

History: Juraika, in life, was no more than an overly loved Ragamuffin breed cat. It is to this end that Juraika seemed to gain a sort of sentient consciousness all her own, loving her master right back. Unfortunately, all things come to an end, and Juraika lived almost nineteen years before passing away peacefully in her sleep. She also seemed to possess a great deal of luck, for a passing shinigami happened to notice a wandering plus, sitting outside a house. When investigating, the shinigami was a bit non-plussed to find the "plus" was a cat. A cat that seemed to try to converse with the shinigami...without words. In a matter of random chance or divine providence, the shinigami attempted to soul bury the cat, to which it succeeded. It would later become known that this shinigami would later become her master, and this act would distinctly influence the relationship between the two of them.

In Soul Society, Juraika was still just a cat, exactly as she'd been in her "human" life. Naturally, the first thing in her mind was to find someone to snuggle and be with. What she got instead was a brief respite and "adoption" to a pet shop. It was here that Juraika spent a great many years, where unlike most of her fellow pet mates, cried out of hunger and thirst. The problem was eventually identified, and temporarily rectified. This process carried on for roughly thirty years, day in and day out. Then, on one cold winter's day, a shinigami bearing the heavy scent of alcohol came trudging in. It was clear that she was sober, but depressed. The shinigami was explaining how it was suggested she get a companion, one that would be there. Juraika recognized this shinigami as the same who befriended her a long time ago, and immediately hopped up against the door of her cage, mewing and trying to get out. Severely out of character was this to the shopkeeper, and through what could be identified as "fate", the shopkeeper took Juraika out of her cage to see if something was wrong. As per her breeding and instinct, she went limp, though cried quietly and trying to reach out towards the shinigami with her paws. Eventually, the shinigami took notice and looked at the cat. It looked familiar, yes...but this was not something she remembered. Even so, the shopkeeper offered to let the shinigami hold Juraika and see for herself. That magical moment seemed to spark between both souls, and the barest warmth returned to an otherwise dismal and cold, depressed face. Juraika took to snuggling against the woman's bosom and arm, now fully content to remain there. The shinigami indeed did decide to purchase Juraika then and there, and took her home the same day.

Juraika would prove to be the shinigami's best friend and closest confidant. Always there, always very attentive and loving. Juraika came to know "Satomi" as the shinigami was called, as like a mother, or perhaps a sibling or even, it is theorized, like a child. What Satomi experienced with her cat was something on the level she had experienced only partially with her known relative, combined with the fact she saw Juraika as something of her child, led Satomi to declare Juraika as a member of the house. This was an unheard of act in the noble house, putting a cat on the level of prestigious souls, of whom the gotei thirteen was eager to pull potential shinigami from. A cat of no talent, not even the ability to speak. This was a sudden and unexpected move, and no action would be taken for well over seventy years. In the early months of the year 1782, a coup d'état was launched against Satomi and Juraika. It was there that Satomi displayed the reason she continued to hold rule over the house, putting down the coup and extinguishing opposition in a matter of two days. Juraika had intentionally been sought out and attempted to be killed. As she would later learn, she had been the primary target, for without her cat, most members speculated Satomi would fall again into depression and more than likely desert. All members of the coup had been eliminated, and in a house-wide decree, her master named her successor and any who would oppose this need step forward immediately and settle the dispute. There weren't any left alive to voice their disagreement, and so it proceeded.

Juraika would learn many things in an attempt to teach her how to behave and communicate. An incredibly talented and intelligent cat, Satomi eventually succeeded in teaching Juraika how to write using paper and ink, her claw as the quill. Messages were simple, naturally, like "food". Still, those in the house were confounded and astonished to learn that a simple cat could be taught unheard of "tricks". Developing a state of actual sentience would take much longer, however. She also developed more talents most cats would not, like helping her master with baths, or fetching things. It would come as no surprise though, that when Satomi brought home a stranger, a man, that Juraika was friendly, if a bit wary. It was almost as if she knew what this man would be in time. But that would be silly to assume that a cat would have the power of foresight, and indeed, she did not. The man continued to come over, and in time, Juraika came to know him as "family" as well. Eventually, he stopped leaving, and the two spent evenings together. Rather than being jealous or worrying, Juraika sat contentedly, usually near to the room, but occasionally near the fire. The act of being a mother was new to Juraika, so she tended to try and investigate her master's growing bump. She quickly learned that poking and hopping on was much forbidden, but she learned not to, and how to bypass that. When the newborn soul was brought into the world, Juraika spent nearly an hour staring at it. Eventually, she'd decided that this was the equivalent of a kitten, and knew not to come into contact, as much she would expect no one to touch any from any of her litters, were she to have any. In this time period, Satomi brought home another cat, one to help keep Juraika company while she could not pay attention to her beloved and cherished cat. This cat, Satomi called "Kugimiya", just as she'd named Juraika.

It would become evident that while the two got along, they were distinctly different. Kugimiya was an explorer and a bit of a wrecker. Juraika occasionally joined in, though far more hesitant to do anything. She had no troubles pinning her fellow cat though, far outweighing and outsizing her, which usually kept her in line. Over a period of a few years, the two would be forced into a quick understanding, as the time of trials began.

There came a time when the man that Satomi first brought home began being unpleasant to everyone. Yelling in a loud voice and kicking whatever got in his way. The two cats instinctively tried to defend their master from him, and failed, being flung and kicked or thrown out of the way. They were, however, successful in keeping him away from the young children. This was to be the first instance where they were known to bite and attack "family". To both of them, an unprovoked attack on a family member by another family member meant a separation, of differences. As both of them knew and loved Satomi more, they sided with her. He was eventually removed from the residence, and never seen again to this day, though Satomi remained not at rest, and perhaps through a means of paranoia, abruptly packed up and took her child and both Juraika and Kugimiya far north, much closer to the white walls that surrounded the seireitei proper and the family estate there. The fragmentation of the Toshiie noble house now began in more complete earnest, as the absence of the head of the house led other minor families within to squabble with themselves to claim power over that abandoned majority of the house's property. In the north estate, most of the servants had deserted already upon hearing that Satomi had abandoned most of the land and power. Greed does wonders, after all. To this end, she knew that she could not keep going on and moving. Satomi wandered around the estate listlessly most days, pausing only to tend to her young child. Juraika and Kugimiya have "words", making it clear to both of them that their views did not meet common ground, save for the protection of their master. Juraika knew though that Kugimiya's devotion only went as far as being kept fed and loved. It was a solely take, take, take relationship, and it worried the cat. Then, one day, Satomi picked up Juraika and pressed the cat's head to her own, as if trying to communicate what she could not with words. Naturally, this failed, but Juraika mewed happily and sat upon her master's shoulder. The young master, "Isoruko", as Satomi called him, manhandled Kugimiya, picking the slightly irritable Maine Coon cat and carrying it like a football. Juraika took some slight pleasure in watching Kugimiya get handled like an object, something she now expresses as "fitting" for such a "rude girl". This joy though, was short-lived, as they were taken to a most unfamiliar place, to within the white walled city and to an underground facility filled with off-putting smells and strange people who wanted nothing more than to poke the two of them.

The real crushing blow though, came when Satomi removed Juraika from her shoulder and handed her to an odd being that had no distinguishable features and smelled incredibly like sanitizer. She was led away, carried in one hand while Kugimiya was carried away by the same person....in a cat carrier. The two cried plaintively as they were taken, but were sedated and treatment soon began...

Neither cat remembers what happened in the nine-month period that they spent in that horrible place, and their first memory upon returning to consciousness was their master rushing to embrace them. The two cried out at the sudden change, but their voices were not their own, giving them pause. Juraika came back to more traditional sounds faster, making humming noises in her throat as she eventually found a decent position to snuggle against her master. The men in the white clothes, they seemed angered by her master interfering with the sterility of the "experiment", but they were waved off, and eventually did let the both of them leave, garbed in plain white robes that Satomi helped dress the both of them in.

Returning home was another new experience, and both needed help getting home, learning how to walk on two feet instead of four. Satomi and Isoruko helped the two of them walk home, holding their hands in their own while they awkwardly "hopped" and staggered along. The two would resume their instincts at home, and sit close to how they were familiar to. Juraika seemed more distressed than Kugimiya was at not being able to climb up on their master's shoulder, or on shelves, and remained close to Satomi for a long time before becoming more independent, to the point of a room away anyway. This did not set well with one of the latest surprises. While they had been gone, Satomi had met another man, and married, to have one child and already pregnant with another. Again, both were understandably uneasy after the first experience, and while he did have shouting matches with his wife, he showed more control. About two years after being brought home, Juraika and Kugimiya were brought to doing their duty in removing Satomi's husband from the home, crying angrily and using what words they knew of the human language that, to them, sounded hateful and reprimanding. For the record, Kugimiya came closest with the word "Trash". It was at this point that the man caught hold of himself and with both of them at his back, marched himself off of the property and asked they remain there to make sure he didn't go back in. For a man prone to occasional fits, he had a sense of justice, perhaps overly so, as he made sure that he was properly accosted and taken away for "being the monster he never thought he'd be".

Satomi had been speaking with the two of them for a while, and they knew enough English to ask basic questions. Satomi continued to explain what had happened and why they were so different. She explained to both of them that she felt vulnerable protecting her child and that there was no one she felt she could count on, save the two of them. So in essence, what she told them was they were now basically sisters with her. What she didn't tell them was that they were siblings because they were personified clones of herself, manifested in her cats. So, on the sibling level, they were entitled to a greater level, and she asked of them if they would help her in raising her children and protecting them, as she would protect them as well...making a triumvirate of sorts. The two didn't see anything wrong about the idea, and readily agreed with a vigorous nodding of heads. Satomi had also picked them because of their appetites, both strong signs they possessed individual flows of spiritual pressure within, or reiatsu, as she told them it was called. She also began instructing them in "feeling their inner claws", as they had none now. She showed them her own zanpakuto, calling it her own "inner claw", and that theirs might look different, but equal to that of hers. They would defend the place and each other with these "inner claws". After a three-day sabbatical, and her closer bond to her "sister", Juraika was successful in producing a small knife-like version. Kugimiya was discouraged that she'd been beaten by a "softpaw", and began hiding, sulking away while continuing to try on her own.

Nevertheless, she would perform her duty, usually with kicking and clawing at intruders. Juraika tended to do the same, but carried her "claw" around in her mouth, believing it was what gave her power to repel invaders. Satomi would one day take the two aside and ask them if it was all right if she would bring home a man to introduce to them. A man she "liked" that she wanted the two to meet and get an opinion of. What she hadn't told them though was that she had been a tad....eager, and as a result, was pregnant once again. The two hesitantly agreed, and only after learning that if he was not a good man, they would be able to drive him out. When meeting this man, Juraika tried assessing him, but found nothing outwardly wrong with him, except for being "very quiet". When she deferred to Kugimiya's assessment, she was more vocal than Juraika, having an eye for wrongdoing, likely due to the fact she was more a troublemaker than her "sister" and knew what would and would not give away a troublemaker. "He's hiding something. Something he knows is wrong. He dresses not like you, but acts like you. So I think he used to be one of you. Other things too."

Kugimiya would eventually prove herself in the right, as their overzealous nature in protection would come into play. While Satomi was yet pregnant, her husband pressed an advance on Juraika, knowing her to be more accepting of his presence and far less likely to immediately attack. Thankfully, he had underestimated Kugimiya's sense of hearing, still as acute as a cat's and hearing the muffled struggle, abandoned the children and took a pushbroom on her way up, hissing at Isoruko to take over while she dealt with an invader. The eldest child was no more than the equivalent of ten, but had a maturity necessary to care for several younger children, given his mother's pressing matters.

Upstairs, she would find Juraika in a state of forced undress, and trying to resist. The man had several bites and scratches, but Juraika's zanpakuto lay on the floor. Kugimiya wasted no time, having never actually liked this man, and proceeded to bring the hard head of the broom down on his own head. In fact, she took to beating him so that he abandoned the thought of pleasure to trying to kill Juraika's defender. Overpowering her was just as easy as it had been with Juraika, but in freeing his attention from the latter, Juraika moved to defend her sister. Knowing that her teeth and scratching had done nothing, Juraika went for her "inner claw" and made the message clear, using it to claw deeply in his back, burying it up to its hilt and dragging it down. Never had either of them seen such a spray of blood, nor felt the wrath of such a man. In their success, he took hold of both of them, and literally ran out the wall, using them as shields to break the wall. It was at this time that Satomi had begun to go into labor, and called for the two. When they did not respond, Satomi gasped and called for her son, asking him where they were. Isoruko replied that Kugimiya had run upstairs with a big broom and said it was an intruder. Satomi knew that Juraika had been upstairs, and while the two didn't see eye to eye, would not fight each other. It was then though, that loud cries of pain and screeching reached their ears. She sent her son to look out the window, and he said that they were attacking her husband. Satomi was not able to truly think clearly, and gave her cell phone to her son, telling him to call the first number in the phonebook and then tell them to send both a detainment unit and a midwife.

The good son Isoruko was, did just that, and both units seemed to arrive quickly. The detainment unit knew its job all too well, especially around Satomi's house. They quickly moved to assist the two defenders and had little trouble restraining him with kido and surrounded him. Of course, they restrained both of them as well, not having received instructions as to what to treat as a threat. Isoruko had waited outside, and frantically waved his arms at the fourth division unit, screaming his head off that his mom needed help. They quickly came to understand once they entered, and thankfully, there were no problems with the birth. Twins, as it were. As Satomi nearly collapsed, they remained, but told Isoruko to go outside and help the other shinigami figure out what was wrong and what needed to be done. It helped that the boy knew the man as not his father, and cared little for him. So he completely biased the story, but told them the truth about Juraika and Kugimiya, that they were his mom's sisters, over helping to care for them and their sister. He told them that that man was a bad man and needed to go to jail. Realizing that the two girls had been trying to fend off an unwanted presence and not aggressively starting fights, they were released, and a few days later, both of them received letters commending them for the assist in bringing to justice a wanted man, a fugitive.

Kugimiya puffed her chest up with pride at having been right, to which Juraika nodded and patted her on her back. They were called that evening to Satomi's bedroom, where, while she remained exhausted, she was overcome with grief at having put them in danger. Apologizing to them many times over, she swore to them then and there that there would never again be a man to come into their house, not by her hand. They took it well, and she insisted that they get their wounds treated. The next day, a courier arrived, with letters again for the girls. The letters are revealed to contain invitations to join the gotei thirteen, a heralding back to the day when the organization looked to cull potential members into their ranks from the family. However, Juraika declined, as did Kugimiya, though for their own reasons. The former due to concern over Satomi's state and their continued job, insisting that Kugimiya do the same, especially due to their well partnered relationship and partial fear that that incident happen again. Kugimiya remained only because she didn't feel right, having only successfully formed her "inner claw" mere hours ago and wanted to keep it to herself while she practiced with it.

Several centuries passed in such a century, with naught an incident. True to her word, Satomi never brought a man home, nor even looked at one. Several incidents occurred with both Juraika and Kugimiya "spying" on Satomi's eldest son, peeping in on him while he was having "alone time". This leads them to being curious...and perhaps overly so...which led to having "the talk" with Satomi. Also, not to have relations with family members, as that does not go well for either of the participants, nor any children that might come of it. This was an understanding that the three of them came to, and they ceased spying on Isoruko and his "alone time" moments.

One day, Satomi dragged herself home from a mission, and in a futile attempt to shield her children from the horrors of the real world, rang the doorbell in the hopes that one of her two "sisters" would answer. It was to her benefit that after ringing the doorbell with her free hand on her good side, she slumped back down on the ground. The children could not see anyone outside, and Kugimiya was already pushing her way to the door, sword in hand. Not seeing anyone, she shooed the children away, telling them to go find Juraika, in a game of hide and seek. The children, for the most part, obeyed, and she opened the door to look around. Upon spying Satomi on the ground, the head of the house was dragged inside quickly, and Juraika was called for. The two pondered what to do. They had no knowledge of how to fix this. Scrapes and bruises, yes, but an injury where it turned her covers red in moments? Not a chance. Kugimiya suggested they call the work place, though neither of them knew how to use said phone. So, barging in on Isoruko, the poor son was once again called into action. Satomi's son was unaware of the problem, but at the urges of both of them, told them they had to get inside the city and take their mom to the hospital. With no verbal confirmation from Satomi herself, Juraika took to picking Satomi up and yelling at Kugimiya and Isoruko to bring the other children, saying she was going to "save Satomi". Language barriers aside, Juraika yelling at the guard to let them in and even showing them that it was Satomi. Very reluctantly, they were let in, and did not find the fourth division, but Satomi's home division, thirteenth. There, members were able to take over with coordinating, and Satomi was quickly transported away to the fourth division for immediate treatment and care.

The next twenty months were spent with Juraika alternating with Kugimiya over caring for the children and spending time with Satomi. At the end of the twenty-first month, the two receive a formal summons, of which ends up being not so much a request to join, but of a statement. The two had proven themselves worthy candidates, and Satomi had given her consent, even her blessing for the two to expand their area of experience. The two agree to enroll and do so on the same day, after hearing Isoruko's declaration that in his mother's absence, he would take control of the family and raise his siblings. This news was heralded by any remaining Toshiie supporters as seeing a legitimate heir, and rallied under Isoruko's leadership. At this point, however, the Toshiie noble house is no longer considered noble by any means, and hardly recognized as a house at all. However, with Isoruko's leadership, Juraika and Kugimiya's representation within the gotei thirteen as a contribution, the Toshiie house is reestablished under the surname of its new "founder", "Tsuruya".

While Isoruko began the arduous process of dealing with courtesans and making alliances and generally rebuilding the house and its reputation, Juraika and Kugimiya struggled through the academy, learning processes and powers they had been completely unaware of, due to Satomi's lack of talent in anything besides swordsmanship. Eventually, they would graduate in standard time, and apply to divisions. It was here though, that Kugimiya made to split off from Juraika, stating that their futures must be as separate as they were bodily. Kugimiya had applied to the third division, and was accepted. Juraika had tried to find a relatively peaceful division that she was good at, though her search results and acceptance led her to tenth division and membership within. This led her to a fast friendship and long-standing relationship with Isoruko, her "sister's" eldest son and to whom she had relied on for help a great many times prior.

Juraika's ability to serve within the division was brought under heavy stress testing when an upheaval of the division occurred, leaving Juraika then as the most senior and highest ranked individual, as the eighth seated officer within the division. Despite her speaking "problem", Juraika was tasked to keeping the division operational until replacements could be found. This, she seemed to excel at with package tracking, deliveries of orders in mass shipments, and generally running the office. It was decided that, with the difficulties of replacing officers that were capable of such a feat, Juraika was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, but was still exempted from captain meetings and told to carry on as she had previously.

Now, with a captain finally added, Juraika continues to run the distribution office, eager to meet this person and find out what they are.

Juraika has yet to hear from Kugimiya again, but has knowledge from members of third division that she yet lives. She is fond of visiting Satomi when time permits, and has put up a picture of her "sister".


Shinigami Abilities:
I want everyone to write down the number, type, name, description and incantation.
  • #1 - Sai: Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.
  • #4 - Hainawa: An energy rope entangles the target's arms.
  • #21 - Sekienton: Creates a blast upon activation and is used like a ninja's smoke bomb.
  • #77 - Tenteikūra: Transmits messages mentally to anyone within an area of the caster's choosing.
    - Incantation: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."

  • #1 - Sho: Pushes the target away from the caster.

Purchased Abilities:
I want everyone to write down the number, type, name, description and incantation.

I want everyone to write down the number, type, name, description and incantation.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Tejika
Translation: Japanese for Within Reach
Zanpakuto Type: Melee
Zanpakuto Weapon (Sealed): [x]

Tejika looks and is a small Japanese blade known as a tanto. It's never really kept in the same place on a regular basis. More often than not though, she has it inside one of her voluminous sleeves.

Zanpakuto Spirit (Inner World Appearance): Tejika looks identical to Juraika, but with twice as many appendages and a "twin" joined to the "original". In short, Siamese twins wholly sharing most of a torso, though back to back, instead of both front facing. Juraika has actually asked if they ever thought about separating, to which the apparent response (from the nicer one) that "we could, but why would we ever want to?" Considering the inner world itself, it's a very fitting appearance. Has a preference on wearing exactly what Juraika is, but with a heavy black hooded cloak over it.

Personality: Tejika often swings between personalities like a cat chasing two mice. Generally agrees wholeheartedly with Juraika most of the time, but quickly swings back with an unrelenting level of force to the polar opposite end, disagreeing most vehemently. Sees both sides of the argument, but is consequently switching stances on it. For example, shares Juraika's inherited mindset on medicine and despises it. Tejika also sees the necessity of medicine in aiding recovery, even accusing their wielder of being malevolent and wanting her mother to die because of her hatred of medicine.

Zanpakuto Spirit (Outer World Appearance): Tejika

Personality Its personalities never really change, but both sides distinctly do not like being in the real world. They are used to a world full of rapid, neverending change, and to transition to a world where change is still constant, but very slow, it both bores and horrifies them. They are quick to try to retreat back to within.

Release Command: Juraika sheathes her tanto sized zanpakuto and activates it with the command "Jiten".
Translation: Jiten is Japanese for the word "Spin"
Appearance: [x]


  • Nobasu
    Translation: (To Reach Out)
    Description: Tejika's named ability produces a sort of shapeshifting transformation. As hinted by the meaning of the zanpakuto's name itself, the weapon can change its shape to more easily reach a target that might be just out of reach. More accurately, the blades on either end can grow in proportion to the amount of shaft.
    Restrictions: Nobasu can utilize most of the shaft, though it cannot take more than a one-hand sized portion of the shaft, meant for Juraika to use. Nobasu does not make Tejika's form grow at all, but merely adds to the cutting surface it can have. It has a fluid reshaping form, and shifts between forms in the same fluid motions. Imagine water reforming in a container after it has been "cut". That is the reformation rate.

Bankai not obtained
Release Command: What do you say to activate it?
Translation: What does it mean?
Appearance: What does it look like?

    One for each ability
  • Name: What's the name of this skill/move/ability?
    Translation: What does it mean?
    Description: What does it do?
    Restrictions: What can't you/it do?

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