My world is a cruel tempting place. The day i was about to step over the edge. One light shined through. Driven insane the light was my purification, my redemption for all i had wronged, the demons i had given in to drove back to the abyssal realm of my heart. My blind corrupt Azura eyes opened from my blind furry. The rain continued falling but no longer the fiery rain of hate, Just the cold soothing rain that can only mean one. I was stunned unable to do anything but bond with this light that i was unable to claim as mine. After months the light began to faulter.... Refusing to let the light dim and die i did the only thing i could do.. I tore my heart open.. Her blonde hair flowing with the winds and her blue eyes piercing into my Burning soul, I opened up and took a step out of my dismal shade. Into a world where nobody but her could harm me, i fought back the demons with her by my side and supported her. The World flourished, Melodies, poetry, Imagery flowed in the clouds faded away into the painted midnight sky. I took her hand as laid next to a stone. surrounded by Scarlet and Black roses, trapped in a loving embrace looking deep into each others eyes. A single tear of joy rolled down my face splashed down to the ground beside the stone that said, This is the world were it always rains or snows and the lands are free for a wolf pack to roam, a place where no ghost shall ever roam, All demons put down from play. Kazie und Distie~San Immer und ewig.. Even after god calls us home.

Immer und ewig~Always and forever My my love will never faulter, I love you Mellisa.. more than you'll ever know