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Ai's little blah
It's random.
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"Hello? Anyone here who isn't a whore looking for cyber sex?"
Private message from Missy_096969
"How about live webcam? I'll invite you free, no charge sexy."
Kyuketsuki has blocked this member
"... Why so many whores... why... you're all whores. How about just a regular chat?? Here, I'll start. America freaking sucks and is full of stupid people."
Private message from DiruKyo
"I understand what you are feeling. Are you an american?"
"Yes, unfortunately. What are you?"
"I'm japanese."
" stare That face... why?"
"Japanese are awesome..."
" blaugh "
"no big deal! My english isn't very well. Forgive me for any errors."
"No problem!"
"To express my view on you opening statement, I agree. America is full of idiots of many different types."
"Hehe yes."
"But you call yourself a hypocrite then?"
"o,o don't question me. It's just about certain idiots."
" blaugh I don't think you're idiot. You are actually fun... so far.... O.o"
"I promise I won't end up staring at you at the foot of your bed in the middle of the night."
"So your username... Vampire? You like vampires?"
" stare "
"Excuse me!?!? ******** NO. They are an insult!!"
"O.O OK. Yes. I agree."
"Now... your username... Dir en grey fan?"
"Aha... in a way."
"-_- A way? Yes or no."
"Haha! Yes! You like Kyo?"
"I am Kyo."
" smile "
"You cosplay Kyo?"
"... you look like Kyo?"
"I am Kyo."
"....... -_- oh haha internet fraud. So damn funny. Hope you're proud of yourself."
"No, I am Kyo. I'll send you picture?"
"-_- Google images or photobucket."
"0.0 You are tough person."
"Mur. Bad impersonater. Bad."
"Alright, how about webcam?"
"-_- No sex."
".... No... no.... no sex..."
"Waaaaiiiitttttt kyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
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"Hi people."
Private message from DireKyo
"Hi vampire."
"O,O stalker internet fraud!"
"I'm not [>,<]"
Kyuketsuki has left the chat room
Kyuketsuki has entered chat room 3
"I'm about to die again...
Private message from DiruKyo
"Please just webcam? I promise no sex."
"The last people I tell I am Kyo, they all freaked out. And you are actually first person to not freak out and be the stalker."
"So you stalk me?"
"... ah..."
"I am being hypocrite aren't I?"
"I apologize."
"Yeah sure."
"Just some webcam?"
"I want to. This hospital care is boring. Talking to a fan is nice every once in a while."
"... fine... swear to god if you are a sex person I will report you."
"-_- oh no... report report... You know that is absolutely pointless on the internet, right?"
"Shut up or I block."
"Ohhhh block..."
" biggrin "
"My skype name is clara_b"
"Is clara your name?"
"Don't be a creeper."
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"Oh boy let's so... Kyo Tooru... well... that's the right last name at least..." Clara clicked accept video call on Skype. A blurry image appeared of a tired looking Kyo staring at a screen a bit above the camera upon the computer.
"Ohayo gozaimasu!" He smiled and waved at the camera. Clara stared at the screen for a bit then shook her head.
"Uh... nice costume?" Kyo frowned and slumped.
"Whaaaa? You still think I not real Kyo?" Clara crossed her arms.
"Think about it, america girl who shouldn't expect anything comes across someone online who claims to be an amazing japanese singer from one of Japan's most famous visual kei bands." Kyo was silent for a few moments then nodded.
"That makes since. You believe me. I'd believe me."
"Oh for the love of crap..." Clara sighed and rested her cheek against her fist.
"So... Kyo, if that is in fact your real name... How are you?"
"Other than hospital and bad throat, I'm... ehhhh... ok."
"Yeah... Throat... do you have a tattoo on your neck?" Kyo turned his head to reveal a tattoo. Clara tilted her head to the side.
"That... that looks like Kyo's..."
"Well duh, it's mine, I'm Kyo. Kyo is Kyo, so tattoo is Kyo." He bent away from the camera and came back into view with a cigerette in his mouth.
"Smoking bad, Mr. Japanese man." Clara said with a creepy smile. Kyo raised an eyebrow and smirked. He lite the cigerette and blew the smoke into the camera.
"Smoking yum yummmmm... Kyuketsuki should try smoke." Clara laughed and shook her head.
"No no, smoke smoke no no." Kyo started laughing and looked around his room.
"Ohh... Turn the lights off!! So brighttttt..." He looked straight into the camera.
"Us vampires do not like... lights..." Clara chuckled and grinned.
"Oh no, lights are bad like smoke smoke." Kyo growled and shook the camera.
"I LIKE SMOKE SMOKE!" She bursted out lauging and sighed.
"Ah... Mr. Japanese man is funny."
"No. No Mr. Japanese man, Kyo. Say Kyo. KYO. KYOOOOOOO!!" The speakers rattled with the volume of his voice.
"Gahhhhh!! No yelling!"
"Then call me Kyoooooo Kyu-channnnnnn!!" Kyo took a long drag on his cigerette and stamped it out.
"I have to go, Sir... japanese...."
"KYO!!!!!!! Why you noooo say kyooo!!" He wobbled back and forth, howling his name.
"We settle this like men tomorrow!!!" Clara yelled while smiling.
"What?? No, you don't go... You better not leave!"
"I have to."
"... Kyo says no."
"Clara says yes."
"Kyo is more powerful, and he says no... therefore Clara stays."
"Clara says yes and so does a nazi family and so does a pissed off school system that doesn't work." Kyo glared into the camera.
"Sorry. We can talk tomorrow? You aren't a sex worker so it's cool."
"Yes... you aren't a crazy fan who screams into the camera begging me to marry them. I like you. Now you will stay and talk more."
"Haha! No. Sorry, Mr. Japanese man-"
"KYO!!! KYO KYO KYO KYO!!!!!!"
"京!大声をクソを止めて下さい!" Clara stared at the screen as Kyo turned away and threw something at the unseen source of the second voice.
"Uh... night Japanese man."
"I SAY KYOOO!!!" Clara quite skype.

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