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Ai's little blah
It's random.
Video call
"Ok... oh... Kyo.. person... man..." She clicked the window to open the program and set up her webcam. Kyo was sitting in front of his camera, again, with a cigerette between his fingers.
"Ohayooooo gozaimasu!"
"Smoke smoke bad."
"Shut up! You aren't my mother!" He took a long drag on the stick and forced the smoke out onto the camera. Clara shrugged and smirked.
"Don't cough." Kyo made a face... then coughed. He slammed his hand on the computer desk and cursed.
"Stupid trick!!"
"Tee. Hee. How is Mr. Japanese man today?"
"Mr. Japanese man."
"Mister." Kyo slammed his head down on the desk.
"RAHHH!!!" Clara laughed to herself and chewed on the end of her finger.
"What's you up to?"
"I'm going to strangle you." He coughed again, this time a bit harsher.
"Aw, why? Because I'm american? I know, we all want to do that. I apologize for my race, we're all quite stupid. You can't just blame us... no... you have to. It's all our fault. And I'm sorry." Kyo stared at Clara for a bit.
"Ok. But I can't accept that apology for everyone.
"Ok, how about just for me?"
"Un." He bent away and coughed for a few moments. It sounded horrible. Kyo heaved for air and hacked harder than before. He sip a glass of water and wiped his mouth.
"Sorry." Clara gave him a blank stare.
"Smoke smoke bad."
"Shut up, Mr. Japanese Man."
"YOU INFURIATE ME!!" Clara stuck her tongue out at him.
"I am Kyo! What should I do to convince you!? My tattoo! Disease! You wish for me to sing?! I can!!" He doubled over and coughed again. Clara frowned and sighed.
"No. Your throat needs rest, sir.'
"I'll do what I can to convince you!" He took a gulp of water and cleared his throat. He began to sing. Kyo let his emotion pour out into his notes.
"Kimi to futari de aruita ano koro no michi wa nakute
Sore demo zutto aruita, itsuka kimi to aeru no kana
Nadaraka na oka no ue yuruyaka ni yuki ga furu todokanai to wakattemo
Kimi no heya ni hitotsu daisuki datta hana o ima...
Kyonen saigo no yuki no hi kataku kawashita yakusoku
Omoidaseba tokedashi tenohira kara koborete-"
Clara felt her heart wretch in hearing these words... it reminded her...
"Stop stop!" Kyo paused and looked into the camera.
"Do you believe now?" Clara bent her head and rubbed her eyes; erasing the swelling tears.
"That's... just cruel..." Kyo looked a little bit confused.
"You believe now, right?"
"Go away..." She didn't want to hear another word. The song... reminded her of the one man she loved... the only one... Kyo seemed sorry.
"It has meaning to you?"
"It's too much..." Kyo put his cigerette down and stared into the camera, as if trying to look like an old friend.
"Talk to me. I want to be a friend. You are my friend. I will be here for you." She shook her head and gazed up at the screen. Her eyes were red and puffy from rubbing them so hard.
"Not now... go away... You've brought the memories back... I don't want to remember them..." Kyo's face crumpled with sadness.
"I apologize...! I had no idea, I am sorry..."
"Just leave me alone..." She reached for the mouse to close the program.
"Please come tomorrow! Please! I want to be your friend, if you let me. Please..." Clara closed the program.

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