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A Gentleman's Ramblings
Abandon hope, all ye who enter this God-forsaken place, for within the confines of this journal, you shall find the hopes, the dreams, the pain, and the incessant garble of a particularly odd individual. You have been warned.
I've been doing a lot of thinking recently.

For the past few weeks, I've come under attack. Inconvenience after inconvenience has plagued me and rendered me hopeless, afraid, and unwilling to continue. Everytime I see something wonderful, I am reminded not of the good times associated with that thing, but of the circumstances that surround me at present, and I wonder if I am worthy to look upon it any longer.

But no. No, I say. Life may be a burden, but that is what makes such a wondrous time. We push through, we overcome, and we adapt. Then we reach where we want to be, and accomplishment becomes ours to hold.

And that is what must happen if the human race is to carry on. In my time here, I have seen pains and sorrow that I could scarcely imagine possessing, but it is in those people that I have witness the epitome of triumph. I see these people growing and flourish, laughing and conquering. I see their tears become smiles, and their soft words turned to exultation.

We often go through life thinking things will not get better, but I ask you this: If things are not destined to get better, then why bother? The answer is hope. Hope for success. Hope for a life worth living. Hope for something that will come to all those who let it in.

Strive. Strive, my friends. Strive and fight for your right to live a life worthy of remembrance, because all it takes, all it requires, is a seed of hope, and from this seed grows a mighty tree. And you are that tree.

Fight, my dearest friends. Fight.

Sir Zeta II
Community Member
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    Have you ever looked at your refelction in a broken mirror?
    Your image is distorted and scattered amongst the shattered pieces.
    Always, you can single out a piece that will reflect your image, no matter how jagged and sharp the edges happen to be.

    This piece resembles hope.

    No matter how bad a situation
    there's always a piece of hope lying around in the crisis that you're facing.
    Just like the mirror,
    there's always a piece you can see yourself in,
    no matter how small the shard is.
    But who would want to destroy something as percious as hope?
    That's all some people have...

    comment Flaming_pinecones · Community Member · Mon Apr 16, 2012 @ 07:36pm
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