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Resigetment Episode 3
Theme- Beginning Of The Resigetment Club

Back With Yoshimi and Koji

Yoshimi beginned to walk forward pass some people in the line as Koji followed him. Yoshimi stopped and stepped infront of Mori and Ai. "Excuse us, we're just getting back in our spot. Sorry" Yoshimi said smiling. "How could you? We just cutted our way through here not too long ago" Ai said. Ai pushed Yoshimi. "Liar,....move to the back!...losers" Ai said meanly." Ah comeon, i really need to use the bathroom! can we please cut??" Yoshimi said wideeyed.".....Ai just let them" Mori said. "Ah. Why?" Ai asked." Cause he said he needed to use the bathroom. You'll never know, it might be an emergency" Mori said. "Fine......but only because my sister is too nice for her own good. You better believe if the choice was left up to me I'd let you pee up your pants " Ai said. "Ah.....thats cold" Yoshimi said. "She should have, you decided to cut up here" Koji said. "I had to use the bathroom, what else could i do?" Yoshimi said. "Anyways. Hey babe, whats your name?" Yoshimi asked with a red blush on his cheeks turning around at Mori. "hey! dont flirt with my little sister infront of me. Dont get pwned buddy. I'd flip that hat upside down on your head. Ai said twitching at him. "Its Mori. And please, no calling me "baby" Mori said. "Mori's a nice name....and sorry. I just think your hot" Yoshimi said smiling. "Thanks...." Mori said. "...Yeah...Im Yoshimi, came from Yamada as well as thats my last name...Im 16, how old are you?" Yoshimi asked. "Same age" Mori said. "That makes you 17 right?" Koji asked Ai. "Yeah" Ai said. "Em.." Koji said. "Honestly I dont wanna fight you girls, I hope we arnt fighting yall" Yoshimi said smiling. "it doesnt really matter to me who Im up against...as long as I win Im perfectly fine with it..." Mori said.

Naoki Worrying About Hirohito

The audiences were heading to their seats with they're refreshments family and friends. Naoki was looking side to side like he was crazy. "Hey where is he? He's suppose to be here now! Wheres that big red!---aArgh!! the tournaments about to get started I have no time for this!" Naoki said looking very annoyed. "All volunteers go to the bottom, I repeat! All volunteers go to the bottom" the announcer said. "Ah man this is bad! Hirohito comeon!" Naoki said.

Meanwhile with Hirohito

Hirohito was walking licking his icecream cone. "hey. another icecream truck haha. This is my lucky day. Forget that tournament. I gotta eat all the icecream I can. Hey! wait up!" Hirohito said running toward the truck. "No..." the man said looking very irritated to see him. "What?..."Hirohito said looking at him. "No you cannot get anymore icecream. Save it for the little kids who want icecream, you're not the only kid ya know..." the man said. "I feel like......Im about to freakin explode......" Hirohito said looking very serious. "Really?.....explode somewhere else....not around here...because I dont feel like sweeping the pieces of your skin after you get done exploding..."the man said. "....I ate alot of icecream today....i didnt meant self destruction....I mean laying a bomb..." Hirohito said. " Wait! wait! wait!" the man said startled. "PPPPOOOTT!! *farts very loudly* "Uah.......ah.." the man said in disgust. "Thats for you to get for giving me no icecream.....punk...huuh well I guess I should be headed to that stupid tournament....i dont even know why I bothered signing up. Well I did thought they were selling free chicken for whoever wins so....that better be the deal or im farting all on everybody" Hirohito said.

Back To The Tournament

Soon, Shiro and Shinto, Mori and Ai, Yoshimi and Koji, everyone was standing by side with their partner except Naoki. "Man this is so not cool! Im the only one standing here alone while everyone here is standing by they're partner! Its so not fair!" Naoki thought. "Shiro and Shinto Takizawa!!" the announcer announced their names. "Oh yeah! sup women. if you know you're sexy scream out loud where I can see ya!" Shinto said smiling. "Thats us" Shiro said smiling. "Cool. That guy has green hair like you Eiji, atleast you know you arnt alone. You two can hop together like crickets" Kazuhisa said smiling. "Yep" Keisumi said smiling. Eiji just didnt say anything. "Mori and Ai Tachibana!" the announcer announced. "WOO!! oh yeah!!" Ai cheered happily. Mori just waved and putted her hand down. "Yoshimi Yamada and Koji Ikehata" the announcer said. Koji just started bobblin his head, as Yoshimi waved smiling at the people above watching down at them. "And Naoki Kajita and Hirohito Sae" the announcer said at last. "The other guy isnt here yet so we're gonna have to wait on em" Naoki said. "..Hirohito Sae sounds like a fat guy so im pretty sure he's catchin a bite of a hot dog before he makes his appearnace here" Shinto thought. "Okay but if he doesnt come by the time the 1st match is over then you're disqualified" the man said. "What??" Naoki said in disbelief.

To be continued

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