Hello, darlings.

I am Lady Phantomhive and I live with Ciel Phantomhive and his servants. I wanted to write this entry to say that it's not easy keeping up an act, especially since Lady Elizabeth is nothing like me. Or the other way around.

I have decided to make my journal public (should I even choose to have it on my profile) so I'm being careful about what's being put down for all to see.

. . .

Ah, jeez! I just can't do this! stressed

Alright, so it's easy being the earl's lady when I comment on a Black Butler (BB) profile; I even act as though the Ciels' out there are the actual Ciel Phantomhive (forget it, dudes; Ciel's one of a kind!).

So, yah. I wish I knew how to role-play (don't exactly have the people to so that with though . . .)

Thank you, dears.
Good-bye for now!