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My Life.
Heehee..Well Hello there.
About me:
Hey! Well, I just thought to my self "Wow, Do my gaia people know anything about me?" Well, Here are some basic questions I thought of: emotion_c8

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Chicken Tenders.
Favorite Name: Penelope
Favorite Snack: Cupcake
Favorite Subject: P.E.
Favorite Class: Lunch.
Favorite Shoes: Converse
Favorite Music: I really don't know. I listen to Nevershoutnever..It said it's Pop-Indie..O.o Hippe music..O.o Idk.
Favorite Movie: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The lightning thief.
Favorite Show: Adventure time
Favorite Holiday: Christmas.
Shoe Size: 4.
Grade: 7.
From: Earth
Live: Earth.
Single: Of course! emotion_dowant
Listening to music: emotion_0A0 How did you know! emotion_donotwant
Food?: FOOD?! WHERE?!
Mood: Worried.
Hungry: Yeah, haven't eaten since lunch in school. (Eat lunch at 1 Pm. 6:32 right now)
Pets: Fishes. emotion_yatta
Special Talents: I CAN LICK MY ELBOW! emotion_kirakira emotion_jawdrop You mad.
Who inspired you to be who you are: All the popular/Crazy girls in my life.<3 I may hate you...but it's just cause I have a terrible life and can't be like you. sad
Hobbies: Playing video games.
Best child hood memory: Playing with my best friend Byron on the bus..Annoying people.Making fun of the way they look. Calling them names like Monkey Face. Yelling and getting in trouble.. emotion_sweatdrop emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
Which came first, The chicken or the egg?: The egg, god wants the chicks to grow up like a real man! >:3
Face: :3
Okay, I'm done right now! I'll probley write more! emotion_awesome thanks for reading

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