Talking To Yourself Isn’t So Bad, Give It a Chance Sometime

I really hate it when people chastise you for talking to yourself. Everybody thinks you’re crazy when you do it. Why? What the hell is so wrong with talking to yourself? Think about it. Who knows you better than you? Nobody. People tend to get along best with people who are like them, so what better friend in the world is there than yourself. You both have the same interests, you understand each other’s deepest fears, thoughts, and pleasures. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, but nobody cares about your problems because they don’t fully understand. So in these situations it’s best to talk to yourself. Your self is a good listener and he can help provide great insight into your issues and anxieties because he knows you so well.

This is not the sign of someone going crazy; it’s quite the opposite. By talking to yourself and brainstorming with each other on philosophical bullsh*t and what not, you’re providing you and yourself with some clarity. Clarity brings sanity, which is the opposite of insanity. Therefore, talking to yourself is not the sign of insanity, but rather sanity.

Isn’t that right, myself?

MYSELF: "Yes it is, asshole."