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"The Eden"-Ch1 Cats, Bunnys and Panthers? Oh My!
"the Eden" heart
It was A warm day like any other, but today had a certain...feel to it that i could not explain properly. It was as if the whole world had slowed down that day and revealed all its wonder and glory.
Today was my first day that i got to go work for Mr.Tamas. I was so excited that i couldn't sleep all night and when i actually did wake up, I was late. sweatdrop But i rush down to the Marketplace and was greeted very kindly by Mr. Tamas. Mr. Tamas was a human-like cat that was completely grey.
"Ah, Dynno! I'm sure glad you decided to come! i was almost certain you had forgotten!" He said with a cheery tone. "Oh Mr Tamas, you know i wouldn't miss this for the world!"
"Well since your here now I have some deliveries to make, so if you could watch my shop while I'm out, that would be just splendid!"
"Of course Mr.Tamas! Take Care."
As i waited at the stand, it seemed as if nobody even gave a care about what Mr.Tamas had at his booth; But just then, then came a young Rabbit with his Mother.
"Is this store open?"She asked politely as if interrupting something important.
"Why of course! Please, Buy whatever tickles your fancy!"
She then looked curiously around looking for something particular, so i asked what just it was she was looking for amongst these accessories.
"Oh, you see, i am looking for a Very special ring. It has much value and i thought someone might have picked it up."
"Oh! is that so? well I'll keep an eye out for it. what does it look like?"
"Its a large pure golden ring with a large Red Diamond in the center."
"i see why you wish to have it back!"
Then she walked off as if she was depressed that nobody in the marketplace had her ring. sadly, it isn't my job to go hunt down lost items. So i was force to stay at the shop,
Little did i know that i had dosed off, leaving the Store wide open to plunder. Then up came a Large human-like Panther. he woke me up and told me he was here looking for something beyond cash value. Confused by this request, i asked him,"Um, I am not sure that we have anything that can be sold for no cash value. I am very sorry!". He then looked down at me and said in a deep voice, " yes, i do believe you do. its right in front of me"". Desperately confused, I began to look over the merchandise for anything that could be what he was talking about. Little did I notice he came behind the counter and picked me up. I then began to freak out and kick. he then held my arms down and held me so close to his warm furry chest that i could feel his heart beating in a slow, deep manner. he then said, "This is what has no cash value. This is what i want." My face flushed as Red as a beet and everyone seemed to disappear as if the world had gone away and it was just me and this stranger.. redface
~ch1 fin

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  • [01/27/12 07:45am]

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    commentCommented on: Fri Jan 27, 2012 @ 07:47am
    I would like everyone to know that this is just a RUFF DRAFT. nothing is set in stone yet. stare
    i do know that i transitioned form the Bunny to the Panther suddenly, but i have a good reason to introduce her now.

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