I have attempted this every year for the last five or so years, but something always interferes or kills my drive, so I have never hit the 50k mark. The first time I tried I made it to 35k+ words, but failed to finish. One year I made it to 20k-some words, but things became hectic and I had no time or energy to finish. Another year I managed about 10k and then I got sick with both the cold and then the flu for several weeks in November. So I was never feeling up to writing and was rarely in a creative mood. Last year was the worst November.

Soooooooo~ I'm trying again. Things haven't started out well. I got sick right at the beginning of the month with another blasted cold. So I haven't gotten any writing done. I'm hoping I'll be well enough to start tomorrow now that my head is clearer and I'm less miserable. Hopefully I don't catch another cold. >_o

Six days gone. Twenty-four days left. Let's see if I can succeed this year.
Hero-boy: I must succeed!