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"Don't get all buddy-buddy with me."

Full Name: Judas (he discarded his last name)
Age: Unknown
Type/Race: Wolf
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Likes: Quiet places, red carrots, stargazing
Hates: Crowded places, crowding, comments on his tail

Personality and Background:
Judas is a quiet, aloof person that doesn’t seemed to care about what’s happening around him. He keeps himself distant from others and he doesn’t communicate much with them, unless he needs to do so. He likes spending his time tending his garden (where he grows red carrots) and gaze at the night sky on the roof of his house, staring intently at the stars above. He never talks about his past or family and hates it when people ask him about it. He also hates it when people comment on his tail (people often tells him that he has a pretty, shiny, bushy tail).He claims to not have any weakness but a certain rabbit knows this is not true at all - Judas never once try eating chocolate or trying anything related to said food.

There’s been rumour about him spreading out among the residence; he killed his family for revenge because he’s been tortured by them since he was a kid (it is said that his parents are scientists and that they conduct various experiments on him in order to search for a way to be immortal, to save their clan which is in the verge of extinction) and flee from the place, travelling all around the world to avoid being captured before he finally settle in the place he is currently living. However, no one knows if the rumour is true or not for no one have ask him directly about the matter. On full moons, his left eye (where the tattoo is) will bleed the whole night. Judas never explains to anyone the reason of why it happens.

Judas doesn’t like crowding with others but he doesn't seems to mind the company of Desiderio Rosenthal (Ishoji's OC), a rabbit whom he first met when he is trying to steal the carrots in Judas's garden.Cross (Guardian Cross's OC) irked him.He also seems to have known Lucifer for a long time.

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