Uchiha Oz

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Famous Shinobi Titles: The Heavenly Demon

Theme: Theme 1: Pandora Hearts Opening
Theme 2: Kuroshituji R2 Opening

Era: Senju

Age: 15

Rank: B

Primary Chakra Element: Light [Hikariton]

Secondary Chakra Element: Doton [Earth]

Tertiary Chakra Element: Suiton [Water]

Chakra Color: Gold

Symbol: Uchiha Pokeball is on his cape.

Height: 5 ft 8 inches

Weight: 127 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green, red when sharingan is active.

Clan History: Info on Uchiha Clan

Personality: Sadistic, Selfish, sarcastic at times, Power-hungry, Pragmatic. He is young, yet possesses the intellect and demeanor of an adult.


He is a highly talented prodigy who has risen quickly among the ranks of the Uchiha. His goal is to become the leader of the Uchiha, eventually. He was ruthless on a mission, and killed children to complete his mission which caused some to question to question his methods and others to praise him.

~Jutsu Type~

Primary Type:

Secondary Type:
Kekki Genkai Jutsu

Tertiary Type:

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: SS-ranked
Ninjutsu: S-ranked
Genjutsu: S-ranked
Taijutsu: C-ranked
Fuuinjutsu: S-ranked
Juin Jutsu: C-ranked
Doujutsu: A-ranked
Summons: A-ranked

Jutsu Points

4 E ranks= 4 points
1 D ranks= 2 points
1 C rank= 3 points
4 B ranks= 16 points
4 A ranks= 20 points
2 S ranks= 12 points
0 SS rank= 0 points


Kekki Techniques

The sharingan grants the user several abilities. One of these is the ability to see through genjutsus and to be able to recognize different forms of chakra though not to the extent of the byakugan. It allows them to pick up subtle details such as lip movement or fast moving projectiles and it slows it down to visible sight. The third ability helps the user memorize jutsu so he may copy it. Unless it is a bloodline jutsu or a summoning jutsu, usually users can repeat the same jutsu perfectly. The last ability of the sharingan grants the user the ability to redirect genjutsus.

Mangekyou Sharingan ((locked))
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Abilities of this sharingan are summed up with the three techniques, one activated by the right eye, a second by the left, the third by both. Usage of these techniques and the Mangekyou sharingan rapidly deteriorate the user's eyesight. It can also tame the tailed beasts.

Poseidon ((locked))
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Element: Water
Activated with both Mangekyou Sharingan. A ball of sparkling water is instantly summoned around the user, 4 feet in diameter. These are the god-waters. The user has the ability to create or destroy anything within the waters, accepting or denying its existence... though creating and destroying still use chakra so something like a Biju could not be created. Also, that which is created cannot be controlled by this technique. So it is really only good for two things, defense, and resurrecting fallen allies. Only the recently deceased (you have 10 minutes in rp time) can be resurrected. Oz theorizes that this is because his technique will not work once the soul has fully transitioned to the pure world.That which is created cannot will spawn randomly inside of the sphere, so oxygen cannot be readily supplied to the user. This technique must be dispelled at some point so that the user can breathe again. Living things take must remain inside the water for 5 seconds before they can be destroyed, but any items they carry or wear, or jutsu that come from them can be destroyed instantly. That which is destroyed simply ceases to exist. The water in Poseidon is special and cannot be manipulated by techniques that normally manipulate water, by either Oz or someone else.

Zeus ((locked))
Class: Fuuinjutsu
Rank: S
Activated with the left mangekyou sharingan. This seal links an object to the user's brain so that it can be controlled, both physically and for its properties (so if it were placed on another person, they would lose control of their body and could be forced to use any of their jutsu. They would become the user's mind slave.)
-This technique requires physical touch to place the seal.
-The seal wears off after 30 posts.
-The user can only make the controlled one kill themselves within the first 5 posts.
-After using this technique on another person, the user will go blind in the left eye for 3 days (real time).

Hades ((locked))
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: SS
Element: Earth
Activated with the right mangekyou sharingan. The target must be looking directly into the mangekyou. The target will be turned to prism glass. After using this technique, the user will go blind in the right mangekyou for 14 days (real time.) The entire target may or may not be turned into prism glass. This is based on a dice they roll after Oz uses the technique.
1-2: The target's entire body turns to prism glass.
3: The target's head turns to prism glass.
4: The target's arms turns to prism glass.
5: The target's legs turns to prism glass.
6: The target's torso turns to prism glass.


Sushin no Jutsu "Body Flicker technique"
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
The user makes a single hand-sign, then dissapears, and reappears a short distance away.

Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
The user quickly switches place with a nearby object, usually a log.

Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
The user transforms into an object roughly their own size.

Seal Masking ((locked))
Class: Fuuinjutsu
Rank: E
An ability which turns all of the user's fuuinjutsu invisible two seconds after they are placed. This can still be detected by the sharingan.

Photon Beam
Class: Ninjutsu
Element: Light
Rank: E
The user fires a beam of light from his fingertip like a gun. Anything hit by this is charged with Reflect Bound. This technique is very fast.

Summon Hack
Class: Summon
Rank: D
This allows the user to use kuchiyose to summon things on the other side walls if they are very close (or through other solid objects) bypassing fuuinjutsu and such.

Prism Swan
Class: Summon
Rank: C
Element: Light/Earth
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Whenever light hits a prism swan, it will travel through their body, but will be affected. It may change direction, or a light arrow may break into many light clones (which are like shadow clones, but flash like light when destroyed) by passing though. Or, the prism swan may act as a magnifying class, condensing the light into a smaller, more concentrated attack... or reverse that process, making an attack larger but less dense. Also, something light-based that enters one prism swan may exit another. Their size ranges from chicken-sized to the size of a pony, just large enough to ride.

Light arms technique
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
These are wires of light that stretch out 3 meters from the user's body. There are 40 of them in total and they cannot be cut by normal means being made of pure light chakra. They can be used to entangle.

Prism Alchemy
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Element: Earth
the user focuses his chakra into a non-living object to turn it into prism class with the same properties as prism swans. This can even be used on entire buildings, but will take longer. The glass spreads from where the user touches it at 2 meters per second. This is done through physical touch but it could also be placed by a photon beam instead of Reflect Bound.

Leech All Creation
Class: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Element: Earth
The user is able to merge with inanimate objects in order to pass through them. This includes the ground, trees, walls, etc.

Reflect Bound
Class: Ninjutsu
Element: Light
Rank: B
this allows the user to bounce any of his techniques or technique effects off of mirrors or other highly reflective objects to the targets in the mirror by imbuing them with the light element. They gain all the properties that his light techniques have. He can also use this technique on any object he physically touches by charging it with his chakra.

Bringer of Darkness
Class: Genjutsu
Rank: A
This technique creates a genjutsu that exerts an hallucinatory effect upon the eyesight, effectively blinding the opponent. No matter how skilled an opponent may be, they are forced to wait helpless in this world of darkness, as this technique allows the user to attack unseen. Although it negates sight, it does not stop the other senses.

Corpse Carnival
Class: Genjutsu/Summoning Technique
Rank: A
The user summons a maze around himself and the enemy. The maze is painted with hypnotic paint that causes anyone who looks at it to see the walls as mirrors... except unlike a normal house of prism glass mirrors, sometimes these mirrors lie. They are schizophrenic mirrors that will show you demons and clowns when there aren't any or might neglect to show you whats there. Since it is constantly activated whenever one looks at the paint on the wall, Kai: release won't work. The only way to avoid it is by actually becoming part of the wall (which is why he uses Leech all creation).





Flash bomb

Bracelet made of prism glass on right wrist

Elemental Cross-bow
Rank: B
Class: Kenjutsu
Oz carries no arrows for this cross-bow. Instead, whenever he pulls the trigger, arrows are formed and fired from one of his three elements (light, earth, or water). light arrows are extremely fast. Earth arrows are made of the hardest minerals from the ground and can penetrate most any defense. Water arrows will not be deflected by something like a sword, but will reform and keep moving.

Other elements he does not have, but someone else could use the following arrows: Fire arrows explode upon impact. Lightning Arrows lock onto their target magnetically. Wind arrows are invisible. Darkness arrows can be controlled with the mind. Fused element arrows have the powers of whatever elements were fused to create them.

Heavenly Bracelet
Rank: A
Class: Kenjutsu
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This bracelet is said to have fallen from the heavens. It was passed down through the Nyrosaki clan before Oz killed wiped them all out and took it for himself. Oz wears it around his left wrist and that allows him to use Light elemental techniques and to fire an A-ranked light attack in the shape of a dragon called "White Dragon" from his left hand. This is his quick-draw technique as it requires no hand-signs.

Black Mirror
Rank: S
Class: Kenjutsu
Element: Light
This item can be summoned. It is a 6 foot tall, 2.5 foot wide object that appears to be a mirror. It is tinted black on one side, and invisible from the other. Actually, it is a portal to the mirror world. Someone with the light element can enter the mirror. The only thing that exists in the mirror world is what is reflected in the mirror. The user may interact with reflections from inside the Black Mirror. Anything the user interacts with inside the mirror world is also affected in the real world. If the user goes or moves beyond the edge of the reflected mirror world, he will be dropped off in that position in the real world.

The Sword of Totsuka
Rank: S
Class: Weapon
also known as the Sakegari Longsword (酒刈太刀, Sakegari no Tachi; Literally meaning "Sake Cutter Longsword" wink , is a variant of the Sword of Kusanagi. It is sheathed in a sake jar; the blade is actually the liquid inside the gourd that is released and shaped, rather than a conventional sword. It is an ethereal weapon, with an enchanted blade capable of sealing any person it pierces. Those who are stabbed by the sword are drawn into the jar and trapped in a genjutsu-like "world of drunken dreams" for all eternity