So first journal entry. my parents just went to home depo or something to get a new lawn mower. Life here is different with my sister off to college and everything. she only just left on thursday, and i am already bored out of my mind without her. So i am having a sleepover tonight with my friends krista and kate. They are awesome. Savannah was gonna sleepover too, but her dad's ash scattering is tomorrow, so she can't sleepover. booo, anyway, my mom needs to get some motion sickness pills so we can go on the boat tomorrow and not get sick. i don't think it will be that bad, but then again i don't know how big the boat is so. what do you wear to an ash scattering? hmmm. i don't care this time, i am wearing white. its a LOST thing, which, by the way, i am obsessed with. i have all 6 seasons on dvd finally. yessss. dramallama and my favorite characters are Hurley and Juliet. They aren't together, but they are still awesome. i'm mad Juliet died though. but i was happy when Hurley didn't. yesss. I have officially run out of things to type. i am gonna eat and take a shower. OH! i totally forgot to mention David. mmm, that boy.....mmm. anyway, his brother tim has sent me like three pictures of him. he thinks we will end up together, but i know david doesn't like me. clearly he likes my cousin meaghan. everyone likes her more than me whenever it is the two of us. well, except grandma. but don't tell her that xd anyway, i will admire david from a far like i do for all the guys i like. hehehe