I was just thinking about all the friends
Ive lost off this friggin site because of
people who attacked them and harrassed
them until they didnt see the point in
staying anymore. Here's my question.
What is wrong with you? Why do you
take this pixelated world so f*cking seriously?

This is a game site, based around anime
and the hope of meeting new people
from different places. THIS IS NOT THE
REAL WORLD. Why are you taking everything
so f*cking seriously? Okay, someone says
something you dont like. Get over IT! In
the end, night will fall, youll get off the computer
and go to bed in your home in the real world.
The wonderful thing about gaia is, if its
bugging you you can turn it off!

And yet you people seem to enjoy, making
it a big personal mess, where people have
to constantly deal with the stress of
so-and-so doesnt want me in the exchange
anymore, or, I cant go into this thread
because so-and-so is there and if I go
in, They'll report me! Or, I cant go into
that thread because Im on so-and-so's
ignored list.

Is this really what you want? To
turn gaia into a bi-product of your own
miserable lives? So here's my advice
to all of you. Dont like someone?
Dont talk to them. Nothing else.
Dont report them for being meanies
[unless they are breaking gaian rules -
which you and I both know probably
isnt the case nor the best way to handle
it], dont put them on your ignored list
becuase then your just succumbing
to their irritating ways and definately,
DEFINATELY dont harrass them.
Thats it.