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Kibo no Yoru's meaningless words
Playlist troubles!
Well uhh... today Wyndaeru came back to Gaia and so I told her I used her playlist on her profile 24/7. I forgot what she said about that but.... I don't think it's of importance talk2hand

Anyways I didn't like some of the songs Wyndaeru had so I decided to make my own with a lot more songs that I liked and none that I didn't like. It was a complete failure for about 95% of the time I used to attempt to find and create a working one for Gaia.
I spent about one hour trying to use Playlist.com's website playlist trying to add songs from My Documents on my computer but that didn't work. I later realized I needed to upload the songs to the internet and add the URL to the playlist.
Unfortunately all of the URLs apparently had errors or were broken... Coincidence that all 40 songs were broken? I don't think so... It was Karma being an a**... I searched the web for a good hour trying to find one until I decided to go on Gaia and search if there was a thread created about playlists.
To my dismay there were no helpful ones, so I typed in "Playlists" instead of "Music Player"

To my dismay great joy I found one that said to use mixpod.com. So I gave it a try and guess what!!! It didn't work Until I went down the list and choose the link to set it up for Gaia blaugh
Now I have a wonderful playlist on MY profile and no longer have to mooch of Wyndaeru smile

I jabbered on for to long now, and I want to go do something else besides write in this idiotic journal. Did you know that "Idiot" actually means "Citizen" A voting male over the age of 18 with political views or whatever. The meaning is deprived from Greek stuff and yea... I learned that a few days ago... And if Wyn reads this she'll probably still call me Baka anyways crying

Kibo no Yoru
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    Community Member

    Sat Sep 18, 2010 @ 05:24am

    ...*snorts* Oh perhaps I would indeed call you "baka" and perhaps I would not. *rolls my eyes*

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