so, gaia had a little known voicemail contest. i didn't really think about entering but plasmafire talked me into it. i thought up the funniest thing to say and i was not serious at all. i called because i wanted those at hq to have a smile on their face and just have a good laugh. so yeah, i didn't really enter for the gold at all. and finding i am one of the winners, absolutely surprised.

gaia blog just released post

and here is my voicemail transcript. i'm at the 7:56 mark.

"hello gaia! thanks for giving me your number. now i can call you 24/7 which is really nice because i see you as my boyfriend online. we are always together and you are my sparkley vampire. love you so much edwa..lanz..gai..ggw!!! and we whisper sweet nothings to each other under the glistening moonlight. ahhhh all those nights together have been wonderful lanz.. gaia. always yours, scullylam"

thanks gaia! and also yes, i was really nervous and practiced maybe two hours? i just kept saying it over and over and over. maybe giggled here and there too because of how silly it is. i also didn't go back to hear the recording after i made it. just hurried and hanged up. xd but a lot of thanks goes to plasmafire to get me to enter. and it was pretty much on day 1 when the contest came out. and thanks gaia for being here. i know i may seem like a crazed stalker fangirl, but at least skankylam isn't too creepy. rofl love you gaia. heart

*note: i used my speakerphone on my cellphone and was talking really loud. xd