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You know what bugs me?
First of all, I doubt I'll have any pics, so if you're looking for pics in this entry, please look elsewhere. Anyway, the topic, yes. You know what bugs me? People who say that that they hate Twilight (but still like other vampire media, if you don't like vampires at all, then obviously this wouldn't matter) hate it for all the wrong reasons. For example, people say they hate Twilight because sunlight doesn't kill vampires in it, well, guess what? In the original novel, sunlight couldn't kill Dracula; he just couldn't use his powers in it. Sunlight killing vampires became most prevalent in Nosferatu which was a vampire movie that was made when people were afraid of being sued for using the name "Dracula". Obviously, that hold no bearing nowadays.

Secondly, people say that vampires shouldn't fall in love. Guess what? That was Dracula's entire motivation in the Francis Ford Coppola movie, which many regard as a classic. Apparently, people nowadays want to see vampires in the least "human" light as possible to validate their own humanity no matter how big of jerks that they, the viewers, may be. In conclusion, it seems that the people who hate Twilight are people who like vampire movies, such as Blade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Thirty Days of Night, which are BS. Now I agree that Twilight is BS as well, but replacing BS with other BS does not enlighten the previous BS at all. I much prefer Tsukihime which actually bothers to EXPLAIN the BS, kinda how science tries to EXPLAIN the BS of religion. For example, the Nile running blood-red in the Exodus was because of red clay, which causes all the frogs and toads to run from it, etc.

Update: I'd like to say that, after watching Bram Stoker's Dracula starring Gary Oldman, I find people who make a big deal about the whole "sunlight" issue to be hypocritical bastards. Well, either that or misinformed bumpkins. In the movie, which takes lines from the original novel's journal entries, it says that vampires can walk perfectly safe in sunlight; they are just weakened. Where did the lethal sunlight belief come from?

Nosferatu, featuring Graf Orlock. Nosferatu was originally a film made in Germany, but because during that time there were still copyright issues with Dracula (nowadays Dracula is free-use), various changes had to be made, such as the sunlight thing. Now, I can understand that because of the copyright issue, and I let that go. What I can't let go is that this sunlight thing inspired other vampire fiction to do the same from Blade to Daybreakers. Now, not only do vampires burn in the sunlight, they explode like Power-Rangers-monsters! That's as ridiculous as them sparkling! Also, vampire movies, like Blade, attract the attention of stupid American adult men, just like how Twilight attracts the attention of stupid American teenage girls.

Now, another ridiculous vampire weakness is running water (we'll skip holy items, and say that they only hurt vampires when thrown at them with force). What the hell is running water!? A river!? Do vampires lack the ability to pilot watercraft or fly (with wings or aircraft)!? What if a vampire goes to an airport? Would being on a flight be the same thing as flying themselves? But enough talk, have at you! ... And your responses.

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Yaoi Buddy
Community Member

Sun Aug 08, 2010 @ 12:31am

omg that was freaking hilarious XD
exploding power-ranger monsters lmao
my tummy hurts from laughing
i read all the twilight books before the movies came out
the books were good but the movies killed it
every one became fans and twilight died for me
then when i actual read stuff like this about twilight
makes me wonder what drugs i was on to think sparklepires were cool

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