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Yami-San's journal
This has things about me and some poems and maybe something happy,sad,awesome, or something just random. Just read and find out. :D COMMENT! ^.^
○Update on my life○
The last relationship I had ended on valentines days... sucks right? yea, it was the second time we went out but this time it was worst, he stopped talking to me, he became busy. ._. yea busy.... He told me he loved me what? 100 times?!?! maybe more? yea, but i guess in the end he didn't care much, now he doesn't even want to talk to me! i want to call him to talk, just as friends but i think it would be too awkward, so idk what to do. i don't want to lose anymore friends except i don't want to be friends with some one who doesn't even want to talk to me. and yea i know no one reads my journal entry's anymore but it helps me to relive stress when i blog so that's what I'm doing. and also my family has been pissing me off too! my grandma has been yelling at me for everything, shes been so bitchy and annoying and now she wont do anything for me even though I've been nice to her. i guess love inst enough? then my brother would constantly kick me out of the room, and play his video games loud as day light, hes also been telling me to go to sleep early as if hes my legal guardian, ******** him. Then my aunt has been coming over and giving me attitude when ever i open the door for her, or do sum thing for her like seriously? i had to get off my lazy a** to go down stairs open the door and u give me an attitude and being all bitchy to me? next time i'mma let my grandma open the door, have fun with that you dirty smoking b***h! then my uncle lives with us which is f-ing annoying, all he does is smoke drink and go to work come back sober then smoke and drink even more! ugh can someone just pour poison down is throat for him? for me? then there's school, as if my family doesn't ******** bother me enough! the boys at school are dumb shits that play around a lot and act like mentally retarded rats who cant shut the ******** up, and he girls are dumb whores and their future career that they told me directly told me is a drop out.... IS THAT ALL?? no! in the hall way they other students would run around like animals! that's not all everyone plays groups! there's this group of girls there's that group of boys! but there not separated by gender no! there's the Mexicans that hang out in their own posse, the boys have their posse! if u want to be friends with one girl u have to join her group, say no? their not ur friend, you want to be friends with a boy you have to be in his group, no? ur not his friend. but theirs more than one girl group and more than one boy group, their separated by personality, ethnicity, genders, sometimes sexuality! so I'm friends with these two girls who are in this group of bitches, i refuse to be friends with their bitchy group so I'm just waiting until they have their b***h meeting to exile me from their group, as if i was in their group anyway. And w/e if i don't have any school friends, that doesn't mean i don't have my pride, wanna fight? ill send u to the emergency room, just ******** with me, watch you might not see tomorrow. then my teachers play favorites, ugh my teachers love the bad kids and give their undivided attention to them. which sux because when i need help with something they wont help me cuz their too busy playing with their pets. And what i hate most is advisory, yea my advisor is nice but its ******** annoying when she says were all a family now so act like one, we must be a family, and all im thinking is wtf? i cant picture the girls in my advisory my family!!!! their whores, skanks, bitches, hypocrites, losers, should i go on? worst of all everyone at that school other than me and like 5 other students are two faced. you Have to be careful on what you say because s**t spreads faster than an airborne virus. So does my life entirely suck? no, i have my own laptop and i can do w/e i want on it,(kick a** laptop btw) i have good grades, wonderful artistic talent, a bright future, and i have the whole online world to explore and play with. Overall I'm a lonely person who hates my life. but I'm not emo, i just know my life could be better if the people around me weren't dips-hits.
well my anger is relived, ill update my journal about my life later~ bye bye~♥

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