Stone Heart

Once our kind was well known as warriors and life. Once in this world creatures of story were real, not just tales for children. My kind was known for many names. But the most famouse would be Demons, fiends, monsters. Now in this time and age we are known as sex symbols or villians. Many stories are writen with us included. For young and old. Some of us, the younger generation has taken to this new age with open arms. Two groups stand now. demonica and pure ones. the Demonica group seeks to be one with the humans. The Pure ones see us all as powerful rulers of the humans. That humans are just toys for are emusment.
Groups or clans of warriors are posted all over the world to serve and protect the humans. These will be the tales of a clan posted in america. 12 warriors, 12 stories and 12 romances. Let the battles begin.