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Name: Genesis

Age: 25* (deceased)
Hair: long, fluctuates between black and white
*As Ceres, her hair was white; as Genesis, her hair was black
Eyes: bright green
Personality: serious, contemplative, strong-willed, wise, wanted to help others

Genesis, originally Ceres of Nalan, was the product of a secret affair between Shogorath, the God of Chaos, and Euseria, the Goddess of Order. Because of this, there was a constant battle between order and chaos going on inside her, causing her hair to change color with each shift in power.

She was born and raised in the land of Nalan under the care of her mother, who quelled the chaos within her. There, she married Dimitrius, the Lord of Light, and even started a family with him. As her mother's powers started to weaken, however, her demon side began to show itself and Euseria forced her to leave her home and her family, never to look back.

She established a new life as Genesis, the Goddess of Rebirth, and found her place by the side of a budding new warlord, Osirus the Great. The rest, as they say, is history.

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