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Cheshire Cat
10 in human years and 22 in cats years
Mysterious, doesn't like to share much about himself.
Doesn't trust people easily because he felt abounded when his owners parents left him on the streets and never looked back.
He was originally a cat and given to a girl named Alice ( who was an abusive by her parents ) He was close to Alice until one day they went to the beach and Alice's Parents left him behind on purpose. When he tried returning back home he feel down a rabbit hole which led him to Wonderland. ( That's when he became a human ) Years later he was reunited with Alice in Wonderland and he became her pet/son as well as Prince of Hearts since he married Alice. Years went by again and Alice became sick and was taken away to a far away place ( she really died ) that would help her get better. When he was waiting for Alice to return he found a girl named Alice who looked just like the Alice he once knew, thinking they were the same person he " kidnapped " her and took her to Wonderland where she lives now and their adventures together would begin . . .
He's a stray cat, but when he entered Wonderland he became human ( neko ).
Relationship Status:
One sided love . . . for now. ninja
* Alice ( former owner )--- * Alice ( the one he kidnapped thinking he was the other Alice )--- * Tokojin ( his best friend )--- * Tea--- * Bells--- * Music Box ( one that his owner Alice gave to him )---
Prince of Hearts ( Former Alice's Husband )--- * Water--- * Alice's Parents---

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