I saw today's subject yesterday while talking my dog for a walk. Even though it's name seems quite Innocent we all know in real life the praying mantis is quite vicious.

Do to it's posture the praying mantis is lots of times considered to be a holy insect. If you see one while lost head in the direction it is facing too. This is suppose to lead you home. In some cultures they are pointing towards Mecca. In Africa they are thought to bring good luck to whoever they land on and in some stories they can bring back the dead. In the US some stories talked about them blinding men and killing horses. The Greeks thought they were soothsayers able to foretell the future. If a praying mantis lands on you arm that means you will meet someone important. If it lands on your head that is a sign you will receive recognition or honor. If you are worried about a project being successful or not tell a mantis about what you are going. If it kneels you need to rethink about what you are doing. If it stands erects then the project is OK. It's kneeling is also a sign that it senses an angel.