This will mostly be my roleplay characters, both the ones I am using and ones I would like to use.

So if you're looking for stuff about me....forget it. This is and will be just random writings. Now to business, a currently unused character, mostly because he wouldn't fit.

Name: Hayden Matthew Smith
Age: 100(looks 19)
Gender: Male
Eyes: Deep, dark brown
Skin:....Do I really have to say 'pale'?
Height: On the short side of current standards at 5'6''
Weight&Build: average for his height, with a slender build
Orientation: Doesn't really care, so bi.

I was set to be married to a young woman, a woman I don't think I really loved.However, while I was out I was approached by this beautiful creature. She said she needed food, I offered to run back home and get some for her but she took me into the woods and attacked me. I woke up a week later in a hotel room...I think we were in Canada, with her. She told me what she was and how I was so handsome she couldn't bear to let me die so she turned me. A few years later she made another companion, after that I was the recieveing end of abuse from them both. I fled from them, but only escaped the physical abuse, as my maker the woman has a mental bond with me. I'm currently looking for a way to destroy this bond to be completely free.

Hayden may or may not be up for use. If I decide to use him, I'll probably change the story a little bit.

Comments are welcome. And in future posts I may decide to continue a character's story, or post as that character.