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post move fanfic
Reaching a hand up from his position laying sprawled in the back of the swiftly moving truck, Edward Elric slowly clenched his fist. Destroy the bomb, that was what they had set out to do. Traveling again, leaving the Munich smog far behind them. They had all been sure of themselves then, full of bravado, but now as the countryside passed by reality was setting in. and with it the fact that once again they were on a wild goose chase with no leads and no clue how on earth to go about achieving their objective. Edward sighed. Pushing himself to a sitting position as the truck jerked to a stop, he looked around. “What?”
“Another passenger” Alphonse, sitting with his back to the edge of the viacle, explained as Noah turned her head to gaze at the new arrival.
“Entschuldigung! (sorry) " The blond haired blue eyed girl apologized hoisting her suitcase into the truck before climbing in and setting down her other bag. As the truck began moving her eyes passed from Edward’s face to Noah before sliding to Al’s. She froze and stared at him.
“Um…” al looked down at his feet uncomfortable with the girl’s stare
“Hey!” Ed spoke up
The girl shook her head slightly “oh, I’m sorry he just looks an awful lot like someone I know. Oh and I haven’t introduced myself have I? I’m Saber, well Saberine realy, Heiderich
Noah look up quickly as Edward felt his stomach drop. “Heiderich did you say?”
“Yeah, Saber Heiderich” the girl nodded then her face lit up. “You know my big brother!”
“I, I did.” Edward could feel a lump in his throat
“Great where is he?”
Ed’s stomach dropped even farther as Noah turned away and Al frowned slightly
“He’s…” Edward began “He’s gone.”
“What?” The girls face fell slightly before brightening again. “Oh you mean he’s gone to another city! I knew it! That’s why I haven’t been getting any replies to my letters!”
“No…” Edward replied hating having to do this Heiderich had never told about his family. “I mean he’s gone”.
“Wha-what?” Sabers face took on a pleading look.
Ed winced “I’m sorry he’s dead”
“What? What? No! He’s… he cant be… no… he cant' brother… no
“I’m sorry” Edward apologized sympathetically
“He cant be… he cant be…” Saber dissolved into tears curling up as she sobbed. Edward and Alphonse looked at each other at a loss.
Gently Noah reached down and lay a hand on the girls shoulder. Striating up she shook her head mouthing “just wait” to the brothers. Eventually Saber’s sobs subsided pulling herself together and wiping her red eyes with her scarf she looked up at them. “H-how? When? Why? And who are you?”
The trio exchanged looks
“Well… Ed began…”

“So now we have to find the bomb and destroy it…” It was evening when Edward finished telling saber his story. She accepted it without doubt “Yeah… that sounds like him… Oh yeah, he wrote and told me about that one… really? Alchemy did that?
"So how are we going to find this thing?” she asked one he had finnished.
Edward sighed “Well… wait a minute! We? There’s no “we” about it!”
“Of course there is! If you think I’m going to sit around when the thing my brother gave his life for hasn’t been…
“Al and I are together!”
“On this side.”
“What if we don’t need to get back?”
“I’m not giving you a choice!”
“You’re rather like your brother in that aspect.”
Saber frowned and bit her lip. “Look you have to let me help you! You just have to!” She started sobbing again
“oh, She can come along big brother” Alphonse put in to the conversation, “she’s got as much in this as any of us”
Edward sighed feeling his case slipping away from him.

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