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Who said anything had to make sense!?
Abigail Waters

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: December 7th

Personality: Highly sarcastic yet timid when it comes to meeting new people. Abigail is extremely street smart and not afraid to share her opinions. Over-reactive to simple situations, she is notorious for making mountains out of molehills. Her excitable personality could very well be the downfall of her future. Abigail is extremely quick to trust people and cannot see when someone is simply using her. Quite conservative with her sexuality, Abigail can be considered a prude.

Likes: Books, music- jazz specifically, cooking, people watching, the liveliness of the night life, politics.
Dislikes: Alarm clocks, ketchup, big animals, shady people, silence
Hobbies: Playing the piano, working, reading.

History: Born to a regular family, Abigail Waters truly didn't encounter any strife while growing up. Being the only child to her parents, Abigail was quite sheltered throughout her life. Despite her age, some people think of her as ignorant in the sense that she would rather see the good in people rather than the bad. Her parents were quite old when they decided to have a child, thus they are both currently deceased. Abigail quickly found herself in need of a new start. Packing her bags only took a few hours. Suddenly Abigail was thrust into the lively district known as Bohemia. Yet, the next nine months are going to change everything. She currently works at a local restaurant in Bohemia.

Appearance: With peridot eyes and mid-back length-ed black hair, it's easy to say Abigail has striking features. She is petite in the sense that she weighs 110 pounds and measures at five feet, five inches. She has no piercings other than her two earlobes and no tattoos. She has the faintest dust of freckles over her nose that isn't noticed unless someone is quite close.
Wardrobe: Although not completely girly, Abigail enjoys wearing summer dresses when the weather is nice. Her wardrobe obviously belongs to that of a woman's in the sense that her clothing offers a subtle air of femininity. She prefers pastels over dark colors.


Objective: Obtaining stability and friendship. Being a new resident in Bohemia, life is quite lonely at the moment. Along with the shocking news that has turned her world upside down, Abigail is simply looking for acceptance.

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