Now, here’s what you’re supposed to do… And please do not spoil the Fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your girl friends to answer this. Then see what happens. BOYFRIEND POTENTIAL SURVEY (I call it the IDEAL BOYFRIEND SURVEY):

1.sweet or be himselfs?
He should always be himself around me biggrin

2. Brains or wing it?
He betta have brains or why would i want to be wit hims

3. Preferred Age?
older. 1-3 yrs older.

4. Preferred height?
taller than me.

5. How about sense of humor?
of course..

6. How about piercings?

7. Accepts you for who you are?

8. Pink hair?
no way dude!!

9. mushy or no?
well when the time is right but not so much...

10. Thin or fat?
just the way he is is fine with me

11. Moreno or chinito or mestizo
Mestizo! Hahahaha!

12. Long hair or short hair?

13. Plastic or metal?

14. Smells good?
YEAHS smile )))

15. Smoker?

16. Drinker?
betta not drink 2 much but little or none

17. Boy-next-door type?
Yeboooy! Haha

18. Musically inclined?
he betta be's i means yes XD

19. Plays piano?
Not so much

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
i prefer bass
smile )

21. Plays violin?
that would be sweet

22. Sings very good?

23. Vain?
not much.

24. With glasses?
If he needs it, why not?

25. With braces?
it's all goods

26. Shy type?

27. Rebel or good boy?
in between

28. Active or passive?

29. tight or bomb?
BOTH smile )

31. Singer or dancer?
Dancer but both would be even betta's smile ))

32. Hiphop?

33. Earrings?
maybe but prob not only if he looks good with da earing not 2

35. Torpe?

36. Mr. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?
GO TO HELL..!! N Drop DeAd!!!

37. Dimples?
cute. biggrin

38. Bookworm?
that would be okies

39. Mr. love letter?
awwww.. so sweet.

40. Flirt?
only for a little bit thans he must stop it smile

42. Poem writer?
sures if hes good at it XD

43. Serious?
SERIOUS!.. but fun smile

44. Campus crush?
hellz yeahs

45. Painter ..?
hmmm there cools i guess

46. Religious?

47. Alaskador?

48. Computer games geek? Or internet freak
i prefer the internet freak. smile )

49. Speaks 20 languages?
woah. that would awesomes

50. Loyal o faithful?
BOTH biggrin