yea. title says it all. I mean, when the hell else am I on Gaia? Normally im on evony. You know? More people to talk to there. Or Gmail. My princess is there. lol. She seriously thought I would block her. Good job, dearest. dododo.... Missed alot of s**t going on now didn't I? Yea well.... dramallama LLAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so a friend and I are going to start our singing carreer! Yay! Via youtube. lol. Yes, we suck. We know it too. ******** y'all.

Yea. so, i can play the harp. Better than my mother. but that doesn't say to much now does it? LOL. Im SO nice to her right? whatever.

So. Back to Youtube to learn this damn dance. Or WMM cuz I downloaded it. Oh well. Had to mail it to 'emo' kid anyway.

Bye y'alls.

If you are treawolf reading this- I FRIEND! I MISS YOU!