Chapter 1: The beginning

The sun shone brightly through the lavish green area.
Warming the clean air around it, and providing the plants with the rays of life. A truly relaxing day.
One person in particular, a teen with long, ruffled purple hair, was taking in the rays of the sun, quite leisurely.
In her purple shirt, and black, flowy skirt, she was laying on the ground, looking up at the ocean of blue that was the sky.
She took in a breath of the warm, clean air, and smiled.
"This is the life..." she called, closing her eyes. However, the silent, lazy doze was interrupted, by what sounded like someone in a rush.
"Kusuri!!!!!!!!!!" a teenage male's voice rang out, somewhat frantic, and tired at the same time.
The girl looked up, trying to discern the source of the noise that woke her up from the almost-sleep she had just started to fall into.