Okay, so I just have to gush. XD Recently I've been introduced to music by French Artists. Someone sent me some songs by Thierry Amiel, and I fell in love with the music on the first song and ended up buying both his albums. XDDD An added bonus was also that he's totally HOT in some of his 2003 music vids, esp in Les Mots Bleus. I don't understand a word of French, but the language is so lyrical and smooth and poetic it just melts me. I like that I don't understand any of the lyrics and just listen to it for the quality of voice and the sounds each words are shaped into. XD Kou introduced me to Kyo, a French band, and I love their stuff also. XDDD

And and and, tonight I watched Eurovision on SBS, and there was one really stand out artist for me from Estonia. XD Sandra Nurmsalu who is the lead vocalist for Urban Symphony and did the song Randajad. WOW. I have no idea what language that was in, but just WOW. And WOW also to the stage they had for that whole show. Too bad some artists totally didn't make use of it.

Okay, enough about international music.

MERLINXARTHUR from the BBC TV series Merlin!!! OMG. XDDD I feel like a teenage fangirl gushing, but WOW. Just WOW. They are so cute together. In the 4th ep, where Merlin drinks poison so Arthur doesn't, and then falls ill and Arthur runs off on a dangerous quest to find the antidote for his MAN SERVANT... XDDDDD And the Merlin laying unconscious on his cot, moaning and sweating and crying out "Arthur... Faster!!" XDDDDDDDDDD HAHAHAHAH, SOOOO HOT AND WRONG. There are some seriously good fanfiction out there for this pairing too. Totally worth reading (Kou has been reading some aloud to me whilst I've been - supposedly - arting). Mmmmmm... There is one fic called The Tower (I forget who wrote it) where Merlin ties Arthur up with his magic and ******** him whilst he's applying some magical breath play to him XDDDD. Now that was HOT. Drool worthy delicious and hot. Just the power play, and the idea of a Crown Prince being forced to submit so absolutely in the face of Merlin's magic.

>_> Errr... anyway, I hope no one reads this. XDD Too gushy and fangirly. XDD But I can't help it. Been enjoying myself way too much lately. Good music, good entertainment, great having a housemate... I'm really appreciating my friends. *Huggles to all, esp Kou* I WILL MISS YOU WHEN YOU GO BACK TO THE US!!! T________T

Um, as for art... The stuff in my BLood Play Arts shop is slowly coming along. XD We are planning to release the BL artbook for Supanova at the end of June 2009. I have no idea if I will finish stuff in time for it, or if the other will too. But we plan on it!!! XD The artbook will have 5 pieces of work from each of the 4 artists (Amber, Komala, Katie and me). Komala is doing the layout/design and I am doing the production, since my work is giving me a great deal for printing 100 books.

*Dances* This year has been GREAT so far!!! Kou = heart heart heart It's really been great having you as my housemate. XD I am really glad you came over for these months. I feel like having you here has really helped me get back to where I was before the black hole that was last year (yeah, I was totally unproductive last year, art and writing wise...). It really sucks we live so far apart. crying

Anyway, back to artage! XD