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My Life
My everyday life and its stupidities.
The beginning 4-15-09
So I've decided to start keeping track of my crazy dreams today. I figure Gaia would be the best place to do it. I'll basically post my dream with the date of the day I wake up from said dream.

To anyone I wouldn't know: Just think of my friends as characters in a story...

Warning: This dream contains sexual contact.

It was John's birthday and my present for him was $100 on a gift card of some sort. I was keeping the money on my person just so I could be with him when he got whatever it was he wanted. For the longest time, he couldn't decide until one day when he drove me out to some back alley way. There was a girl dressed in torn, punkish clothes sitting on top of a cooler waiting for us. Upon our arrival, she whipped out two unopened beer bottles and a 12-pack of Bud light. It was then that John told me that he planned to buy the two bottles in her right hand for the full $100.
"No!" I said as I dragged him away.
"I know. I know." he said, "I didn't think it was a good deal either but after they've fermented for a couple of years..." He continued to pout like this for a while until he eventually gave up and was in a sort of somber state.
The scene changed at this moment and I was partialy in the past. The setting was a room with wooden walls and flooring. The lighting was dim but bright enough to light the room with a comfortable glow. The main feature of this room was the wall set with large, wooden piano keys which would light up upon touch. To the left was a night club sort of room complete with dance floor separated from the main room only by the bar, complete with a reddish wood finish and visible only by a few wall lights. Sitting at the end of the bar was the family's potted pickle, voiced in this dream by Dante.
That night was musical night and it was my job to follow along with the song on piano. This was difficult due to the large keys parallel to the wall. The comments on my outfit also didn't help. I was wearing a red/ pink tank top with slightly frilly jean shorts. These shorts had ENORMOUS holes through which you could see my red/pink underwear. It was odd for a short time, but it became normal quickly. After completing my task with some difficulty, I noticed I was being insulted by Dante the pickle. I thought it was a joke so I shot back with my own smart comments about his cowboy hat and glowing insides. After a few insults, I had come to believe that I won so I turned to walk away. Suddenly, I was overcome with a strong vertigo almost as if I was hit with a sudden high (for those who know what intoxication is like.) Dante was using his mind powers to control my actions. My hand was unwillfully lifted to my face and shoved into my mouth. My teeth then proceeded to chomp down on my poor fingers. Dante the pickle laughed.
The scene changed again and I was naked and laying in the next room with two other naked people. I was Mila from the game "Hotel Dusk, Room 215." I had an epiphany and my reward was sex with the man next to me. His body was uncovered and lifted into the air. My body followed suit and his p***s extended to meet my v****a that started coming out of my body like some sort of v****a-p***s. The two connected and everything was good. (The man was still asleep and we were still floating.)

The dream basically ended after that. There was some stuff dealing with school in between the part with John and the part with the piano room but I don't remember it so it must not matter.

heart Turtle heart

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Community Member

Thu Apr 16, 2009 @ 06:02am

There are two things that seem to always be apparent in your dreams. Me being stupid/jerky in one way or another, and sex. lol. love. heart

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