Something’s are colder than you

"Its cold outside today,” announced Nana. I look over my covers out my window to see the trees swaying back in forth in the cold winter air. I grumbled to myself, why I had to be born to parents who love the winter or for that matter move to a place where the winter year long is! I hate the cold I told them once but the happily patted my head and went on talking about the winter sports coming up. Another thing I hate is winter sports, sports alone I don’t already like but winter sports?! C’mon, my dad is trying to make me and my little sister compete in snowboarding contests but I told him it was overrated which lead me to being grounded and having to start snowboarding lesson this winter. Which I explained early under my covers, grumbling why I wish for summer loving parents. “Get up sleep heads!” barked my dad, another thing this dude ain’t my real dad either, he’s my step-father, my dad died in a skiing accident three years ago. I miss him a lot he never pushed me to do something I didn’t wanna do. Nana isn’t my full blood sister either my mom had an affair with this dude before my dad died, concluding her, she loves winter sports anyway. Her dad is so proud of she likes to chant around, like I could give a care. Downstairs my momma was fixing winter frosted bagels, I may hate winter but I sure love winter frosted bagels especially when my mom makes em!
“Ready for your lessons girls?” asked my step dad “You bet daddy! I want to make you proud!” Nana peeped. “That’s my girl,” he patted her head and gave her a kiss on her cheek. “What about you Clair are you ready?” he turned to me and asked, “No, I’m not, I just wanna lay in bed,” I turned to my mom; she shrugged her shoulders and continued to fix her husband some coffee. “Now c’mon Clair, Nana is 4 years younger than you and she’s ready to go,” he commented. He always does that; remind me that my father wasn’t good enough for my momma, and that he could have my momma anytime he wanted. He’s Satan in a jumpsuit sitting on the other side of the table with his evil little spawn! Nana giggled and hugged her dad and left the table with two of my bagels, I was about to snap! I’m tired of this, the only reason my momma married this jerk is because she had a baby by him. It’s disgusting! Because of this I can’t even look at her straight anymore. “Okay girls time to go, get your things and lets get started,” without another word on it he got up and head outside. Nana kissed momma on the cheek and headed outside with her dad. “Momma, I don’t wanna do this, this is not for me. His pushing me into something I don’t wanna be into.” She put her hand on my head, “Sweetie you just gotta obey, you may not like it now but you will soon, promise. Now hurry on up before you make your dad any angry.” “He ain’t my dad, he’s Nana’s dad. She looked me in the eyes, I know she see’s the pain she caused me to go and get married right after my daddy died, and she filed a divorce for her and my dad, before his death. He still loved her too, I knew it when he came home and she set the papers in front of him. His eyes watered up, he left out that night with his friends and they all died in the skiing accident. I went outside and got in the car, Nana took the front seat, as always. Her and her dad get along just like that, its ridiculous, how she can tell him about her personal life in school to her problems. Me and my dad was sort of like that, he would stumble a lot on his words and it would make me laugh and I would forget my problem. We arrived at the snowboarding center, kids of all ages were standing around the building laughing and talking. Nana raced out the car to her friends who were eating favored snow ice. Now why in the world would you eat snow ice in winter or better yet in a freezing place like this?! Some kids from my school were enjoying their little conversation until Lucas, a guy from my school who is trying his heart out to be my friend ever since the first day of school this year, called over to me. I acted like I couldn’t hear him and looked around blankly to see who called my name but I already knew. I walked into the center, a pale hand laid on my shoulder, “Hey Clair, didn’t you hear me call you?” “Sorry, no I didn’t, my bad,” “Its cool, say you wanna join me and my friends on the slopes?” He said looking right at me, “U-uh I’m here to get lessons for snowboarding,” I said hurriedly “ AAww you’ll learn on the way down, promise.” He reached for my hand but I pulled back, “ My step dad might get mad if I try to leave off somewhere, sorry.” I walked off to find that devil and his kid but I couldn’t find them. I asked the lady at the desk have she seen them she said they just left a min ago for something. I grumbled Lucas came behind me, “Seems like he’ll be awhile, C’mon Clair it’ll be fun!” He ergered me towards the door.