This is going to be harder then i thought

I woke up to sounds all around me, but all i could feel inside me was anger. I lashed out at the nearest thing to me. I hear the yell of pain from the poor victem that was near me. It didnt statisfy me at all but when i tried to attack again i was pined down.
"Make sure he pined down tight enought" from a man with a very deap voice
I strugled to get them off me so i could move, so i could get the blind fold off my eyes so i could kill every thing that stud in my way of freedom. I fought with every thing i had but the people holding me would not budge, but when they seemed to lossen their grip my arm was going num.
"That should put him to sleep" a women said with some care it seemed, maybe for the people around me but it more of it seemed for me.
After that it went black and i could feel no more. When i woke up thoough it was still dark. Even though i opened my eyes it was still all black. I moved my right hand to only hear the clang of the chains that kept me in my place. I was in some sort of full body metal gail. I couldnt move much maybe inch my arm a bit but braking out was something i dont think i could do even if i tried with all my might. But with nothing else to do i strugled with all my might till i herd the door open. I deap growle came out of my mouth, I may have not known who was the person who was outside my body cage but i didnt like them one bit. I they gave me just the littlest leverege i was going to kill them.But then came that clam voice again from when she put me asleep
"clam down demon, i will not hurt you" She said with such a clam voice but i betted that was only cause i couldnt get to her.
"Hah, you hurt me. I would like you to come back into this room when i can move!" I growled fearcly at her with anger i have never felt for someone befor
"Well thats not going to happen till you change that attiued of yours. If your good and promiss not to hurt me i will let some of the body suit off of you" she said with what seemed of humer of my pasition
"I'll tare you apart the first chance i get you wench!" I said have full meaning to the words. I was going to do just that when she gave me that chance.
"Well if you where plaining that, then your going to have to wait cause I think you need some more time to yourself." with that he left as fast as she had come. Once again i was alone to be angrey with the girl that probibly had nothing to do with where i was and why i was there. It was just her job to deal with me. For i second i felt sorry for her but just as fast as i thought it, It was gone just as fast
After I had thought of everything like how and what i would do when she came back and I "changed my additued" to the way she wanted and she let some of my metal body suit off and how i would tair her guts out and the feeling of your worm blood flow down my throat and the pritty little scream would come out when i did. I was exited to get some of my freedom back but this time i would try to controle my temper so i could get some of it back. But i knew that getting to the point that the girl would let me that close, was something i knew would take some time.
I hated it but i was going to do it, it was the only thing i had to look forward to. I was starving for the chance to try out my plain when she got back. just as calm as she was when she got back she asked me "So are you ready to listen?" I was ready for the time being if it helped me out of this thing I wanted and needed her trust right now.
"Yes im ready..." I made the sound as like i had been pouring in my darkness the intire time she was gone. But I was grinning at that if i just played like i was a good dog she would help me out.
"Okay then, First thing is: if you have any idea of killing anyone then i'll kill you first. Got that?"
"Do you know how strong i am?"
"Yes cause we made you."
"Then why to i know things then? like i knwo what chains are and that im in a room?"
"We gave you nalige of your seroundings so we wouldnt have to teach it to you."
"Okay ..." I didnt really like this idea. Being made ... for what thoough?
"You will do as i say, ALWAYS! undersand?"
"okay, I'm glad we have an understanding. Now I'm going to remove your head pece and your going to stay still. Understude?"
"Yes" I closed my eyes as i herd her move to the side and pushed some buttons. The sound of machines worked over and around my head. I didnt like it much, you could never tell what they where going to do. They ziped around my head making clicking and clanking sounds for about 20 seconds and then the head peace was off, and for once i could see around me.
"There you can see now" she said walking infront of me so it would be easyier for me to see her
"Yes i can" I looked her up and down. She was an okay hight for a girl, about the hight of my sholders.
She had short dark brown hair, a white jacket on that went down in the back, It had 8 buttons. Her under shirt was black and her pants where the same of her jacket. Her breast size was about a large B her and her black undershirt showed just the right amount of cleavege, enough to get most mens attention. With that i looked to her face, she had one eye brow up with a little smerk to go with it.
"like what you see?"
"Not really." i said letting out a bit of a laugh. Her looks ment nothing to me really. And to me Her boobs where to big for my liking. They showed to much too.
"huh? Well thats the new one"
"What you cant blam me for not liking sluts" With that remark her eyes narrowed and anger showed on her delecet face.
"Maybe i sould put your healmet back on and see what you have to say after that?"
"What i was just saying what i thought. You dress like on why wouldnt i call you one." She moved from her spot and had her hand over the button to put my helmet back on.
"okay okay, I'm sorry," I didnt really mean it at all but it made sure i didnt have to stand here in darkness anymore.
Slowly she would ask me thing that i rememebered but that was little cause it seemed that the only thing i could rememeber was waking up. By the end of the day she had removed all my body suit so that i could move freely. I still Had five chains on me one on my neck one on both legs and wrists. I could move so i had nothing to conplain about. I sat down right when she
let the last one off. I was tired from standing and anouyed of how long it took to get all of the suit off. I was given food and blood to drink and was told to go to sleep right after eating and i did as she said. I would be her slave dog for now but i would get her back and anyone else that was in this building.
With the last drop of cold blood down my throat i leaned ageanst the wall and closed my eyes. This was going to be harder then i thought.