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This is your last chance to turn back!! Avert your eyes! (...I may have built up to this a little too much.)
Wow, this week...
Well, where do I begin. It was really stressful, but really great. I entered a skills competition in my commercial baking class. It was a three day thing, and we had to plan out every little detail. I was so surprised everything turned out so well. I had to make an example of just about every pastry I've made in the last two years. It was so much fun. I was stressed out at first, but was told to remember that under any other circumstances I would be having a lot of fun. I realized that I was having fun, and that no matter what happened I could say that I had tried.
I ended up with a humongous box I could barely carry of pastries. XD I gave them to everyone I saw that day. I gave them to people spinning signs on the street corner and all the neighborhood kids. It looked like the box hadn't even been touched. gonk
When I was giving the food to people spinning signs there was this one guy in a mascot suit waving, and when I gave him a cinnamon roll he was really happy, but then when he went to put it in his mouth he hit his mask! XD He was all like "Wait a minute" and we just drove off. He was wearing a statue of liberty costume, and I told him to put it in his dress.
Anyway, I think I did really well. I don't even have to win, seeing as how the contest also doubled as a final exam. No matter what I succeeded, and so did all the other people in my class that entered. Not one person failed so miserably that they didn't pass. They all did very well. And, Rhett, my dear friend, he was the most stressed of all, and even the one dessert that he thought turned out the worst was one of my favorites. He did so well even when he thought there was no way he could finish. I think he finished before I did. He was so happy. I will never forget that.

I just have to tell you Rhett, there are a lot of things that you doubt yourself in that I have never seen anyone do better. I know that sometimes things don't always go the way that you planned, but... if anyone could come back or fix something it's you. Don't let anything ever get you down. You're one of the greatest people I have ever met.

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