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crying Chapter One: Running Away

It was a dark, summer night. The wind whistled like a ghost tauntingly teasing my mind. On night's like this, I would be terrified to go out alone but I was too upset at the moment. I was crying and I couldn't stop. My mom tried to talk to me but I stormed out the house with tears rolling down my cheeks. My mom's aunt, my grandma's sister, had gotten sick and was gonna pass away in a few months. As soon as I heard it, I broke down and started crying like my whole world was at end. I never really get to see her that much or spend much time with her. My mom wasn't crying when she told me this. I didn't know how my mom couldn't cry about that, she known her longer than I have my entire life. I wondered about this until I reached the end of my neighborhood. I was going somewhere to think, Green Leaf Park. It's far from my house and it would take me at lease thirty minutes or more.
cry I still had tears rolling down my cheeks when I got there. I stood at the path entrance to the park, the oaks and pines that surrounded it made it look darker but luckily, there were a few pathlights on. I could have turned around and went back home but then I started thinking about what will happen if I went back to my mom, she would be angry and she would yell at me for leaving the house at eleven o'clock at night. I cried a little more as I started down the trail. The wind blew. It felt as if I was being pushed back, back to the entrance of the park, back to my safe and warm home. I cuddled up inside my hooded jacket and walked towards the jungle gym. It's been a while since I came to the park. I climbed up the little stairs and sat in a barred rail corner. The hooded sweater I was wearing was three sizes bigger than my regular size and it was for boy's. I got it from my cousin a few weeks ago. I stretched it over my legs so most of me could be warm. Time passed by as I sat there thinking. The last time I looked, my watch said 12:34 am and that was a long time ago. Where was I suppose to go? I was too scared to go back home and if I went to any of my friend's house, their parents would call my mom. I was stuck in a tight situation, like always. I'm not the luckiest person you'll ever meet. I just didn't get it though, it's not fair to me. It's like everybody else gets served luck to them on a silver platter, I have to go out and find it. It isn't a very easy job though, I get hurt most of the times.
eek A sound grew off in the distance, it sounded like a siren. My heart pounded a little as I wondered, did my mom call the police? On me? Her own daughter? My question was answered as soon as I saw some flashing lights coming from the entrance of the park. I got up and started running deeper into the park. I looked back a few times, there were cops with flash lights and dogs. They were searching for somebody... for me. I couldn't imagine why my mom would over-react like this. I'm not a criminal... am I? The law said that minors aren't aloud to be out this late. I'm a fourteen year old girl, I have broken the law. I guess I'm a criminal. Or a juvinille delienquent. I sped up some more. I ran deeper into the park, the pathlights disappeared and soon, I was in Green Leaf forest. a place full of dark shapes, shadows, and strange noises. I heard the dogs barking, they were let off their leashes. It was dark when I looked back but I was still on the pathway and I saw the dogs run past the jungle gym. I've seen this in movies before, I will get caught and they will bite me until I'm bleeding. Like I said before, I'm not the luckiest person you'll ever meet. I was getting tired. The trail ahead of me splited up into two different paths. I stopped running for a second and I looked at them franticly. They were both dark, one curved and the other one went straight on through. The dogs barked in the distance, they were getting closer. I sprinted down the straight path. I started crying because I was tired and scared. The dogs were now probably twenty feet away from me.
sweatdrop I looked back to see but I tripped over a tree root and fell. I looked back, the dogs stopped running and they stood at lease five feet away from me. I sat up quickly, I waited for their teeth to sink into my arms and legs. They just stood there, growling at me. Or towards me. I thought for a quick second, maybe the police told them not to bite but I didn't think that's possible, especially at night. Then I heard another type of growling coming from behind me. My heart started pounding harded than it was before. My first reaction was bear but there wasn't bears in this area, so wolf. I didn't move, I didn't turn around to look. I just sat there. It growled louder. The police dogs growled and started backing up a little. If they started fighting, I'd get in the way and I would probably be killed. I heard the wolf walking up closer to them. The thing that freaked me out was that wolves are suppose to have a one-two-three-four stepping sound, I only heard one-two steps, like a person was walking. I couldn't see anything really but I saw the shaped of the figure. It even stood up like a person. I made a little whining sound by accident, the figure turned to look at me. Even though it was dark, I could see it's eyes glowing like the moon. It made a loud howling sound. Then I knew, just like in the movies, I was only a few feet away from being torn to shreds by a..... Werewolf.
eek It let out a loud howl. I covered my ears and screamed. The dogs ran back the park, scared. I was left alone.... with a werewolf. It looked at me, I was scared out of my mind. I sat on the ground, shaking like a maraca. It came closer towards me. I ducked into my over sized hoodie and started crying. I felt it kneel beside me, I heard it breathing calmly. Then I heard it say, "Are you alright, miss?". It was a male voice. I poked my whole head out of my hoodie. He put his hand on my shoulder. I my heart felt as if I jumped off a building to land in a cup of water. He saw my tears and tried to wipe them away for me but I slapped his hand away. I looked at him some more. He had long claws, long fangs, and long black hair. His skin was a tan-ish color and his eyes had dark circles around them. I ran away from home, was chased by the police, broke the law, became a juvenile delinquent, got chased by three vicious dogs and saved by a werewolf. All in one night? I felt as if I have done the impossible. I opened my mouth to ask him a question but before I could, I heard gun shots coming our way. I forgot that the police was after me. Or were they after him? I couldn't think much about it because without warning, he scooped me up in his arms and started running. Honestly though, I felt a little bit safer until one of the guns shots got him in the arm. He howled in pain. Now I was over whelmed with fear. I felt myself began to feel dizzy, I couldn't tell if the forest was getting darker as we moved deeper or my vision was fading. Soon, my whole body went limp.... I have fainted in the arms of a werewolf.... stressed

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comment Commented on: Sun Mar 22, 2009 @ 05:47pm
wow!i didnt read it all mrgreen

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