The Angela Family Technique is buffing (Stat increasing)

Name: Selena Angela
Age: 35
Race: Human
Occupation: Buffer Mage, Leader of Angela Family
Alignment: Hero
Personality: Kind, Gentle, Quiet, Wise
Weapons/Magic Abilities:
Angela staff-
Strengths: Buff parties stats (att, def, str, weight, etc)
Weaknesses: No offensive attacks. Has not attempted "Strongarm" ability
Background or Other Info: The Angela family always give off a nice aura. They can do no wrong, always noble. Selena is no different. She leads her family and looks like a godess doing it. She even got married to the Leader of The strongarm Clan. She is wisest among the family, never acting without good reason. She usually works as the honest ear with the leader and compromises with him at times of great stress. She takes pity when he doesnt.
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Name: Zolo Angela
Age: 16
Race: Human
Occupation: Archer
Alignment: Hero
Personality: Sharp, Quick thinking
Weapons/Magic Abilities:
Angela bow-
Strengths: Can buff his arrows with his family ability (sharpness density, etc.)
Weaknesses: Crappy close range combat. Has not mastered "Strongarm" ability
Background or Other Info: Zolo may be a young man, but he is very impressive with a bow. His ability mixed with his family "buff" ability make him a prodigy that is constantly getting called for missions. He has wielded a bow ever since he learned how to walk. In the standings of the entire clan, he is in the top 10 for archery. He desires to be as strong and as popular as Selena
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