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Ceciliaaaaa_'s Journal
my borring life,
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right.
It's 4:00, and I just walked off the bus. I have had a big problem on it, and I went off on a "little" boy.
So today was any normal day. I got on the bus, and sat in front of Mathew, not knowing that i was. Mathew is a boy who is i guess you could say, retarded. Mathew can read and write, and talk like any other person. He just comprehends things a bit slower than others. Well, Mathew likes to bother me on a daily basis. He tries to fit every cuss word into one sentence. He calls me "fat a**" "******** damn b***h" and much more. It seems he just puts a bunch of words together and calls me them, ans sees if they stick.
As I was sitting there, I look back at my friend Dwayne because he was calling my name. As i look back, i realize Dwayne is recording Mathew put on lipgloss, and cussing like i mentioned before.
"Are you serously doing that Dwayne?" i questioned.
As soon as those words came out of my mouth Mathew turned twards me with his big ole grin, and said, "What are you looking at Cecilia?!"
Cautious of what he would say, I turned and look forward like i didn't hear him.
He went on to scream names in my ear. Calling me things from a "cow" to a "******** damn b***h" and everything in between. Mathew then looked over the seat, smacked me in the face and said, "Hey! I'm talking to you!"
I turned around, and said what, as he continued is cussing, I became more angry, and ready to burst. He told me i needed to learn some manners.That's when i blew up.
I turned to him, and he crouched lower in his seat, putting his hands up trying to hit me. I grabbed both his arms, and held them together. He kept squirming and pinching me, so i crossed them. As I was doing this, I said, "Listen Mathew, I'm sick of you cussing at me like I'm nothing, and I don't like you putting your hands on me ok? Now you wouldn't like it if I did that to you! (I Squeezed his hands tighter) See Mathew you don't like this do you? So i suggest you grow up mmmk?"
I released his arms and sat in my seat. The bus was quiet. I moved up a few seats ahead, because i didn't know what to do. I think someone asked what's wrong, and out of the blue he said, "I hur my arm, and it's all Cecilia's fault!" and started crying. I looked at him, and he said, "You hurt me Cecilia!" so i looked at him and said, "Well, You hurt my feelings! Doesn't feel very good does it? Think about that next time when you're calling people names."
Mathew was quiet the rest of the bus route. I felt bad, but then again, day after day of his cussing and screaming...
So now I'm sitting here thinking if i did the right thing. My mom's at work, and I really don't want to tell my friends. So Gaia, was it the wrong thing to do? I need your help. sad

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The Diabeticxx
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jan 08, 2009 @ 09:54pm
It's almost my birthday (feb 19th). Give a gift?||l

I would have done the exact same thing.
||Wrap it and I wont open until the big day XD Gifts = 2

commentCommented on: Fri Jan 09, 2009 @ 12:00am
i would have punched him in the face, but thats just me XD. you did the right thing.

Community Member
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