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Name: Scytho Nerosa

Age: 19

Race: 3/4th Flaming Dog Demons 1/4th Human

Weapons: Bow and Arrows, twin Katanas.

Personality: Scytho is rough around the edges, but all in all a good person. He's protective of his friends. He is willing to put his life on the line for his friends and family.

Relatives: Gerosa - Father. Herosa - Mother. Toshiro - Childhood Friend.

Relationships: none.

Bio: Scytho grew up as the son of the leader of a very strong village. Syctho had trained, day after day, learning all he could. He had mastered the most powerful techniques his village knew by the age of 4. on his 5th birthday however, his village was attacked by a band of Demons seeking revenge on Scytho's father. Few survived the slaughter. When the fires died and the demons left, Scytho emerged from the ashes, and crawled to his families shrine, barly able to walk due to a massive gash in his leg. He opened a sealed chest that hadnt been opened in generations. The chest was passed down generation to generation in his family. a legend said it held a powerful weapon that only the true heir to the title Chief of the clan would be able to wield. Inside he found 2 jeweled katanas with what looked like flames carved into the hilt and shieths. After taking them, he rested, and in the morning, left into the forest, never to return again. He now wanders the land, doing what is necesary to stay alive. Seeking to restore the power of the Thospy {Flaming dog} Demon clans to their former righiousness, he has not had a friend scince his village burned down, and now has no reason to want one.

Special Strengths: Flame Element, Hidden Strengths.