this is sum funny a** shyt itz a convo betwwen me (lillblondii93) nd amber on kaitlins aim(km boudreau)

******** preps think they phase me hahahahahaha not happing hahaha tell me what u think

KM Boudreau (6:57:17 PM): y did u call me a slutt
Lillblondii93 (6:57:21 PM): when
KM Boudreau (6:57:24 PM): wen i was walkin home
Lillblondii93 (6:57:29 PM): what
KM Boudreau (6:57:39 PM): ur lucky i didnt ******** u up
Lillblondii93 (6:57:43 PM): hahaha
Lillblondii93 (6:57:44 PM): ok
KM Boudreau (6:57:49 PM): ok heres kaitlin
Lillblondii93 (6:58:06 PM): allz i got 2 say is what a b***h
KM Boudreau (6:58:09 PM): ya its the normal one now
Lillblondii93 (6:58:15 PM): kk
KM Boudreau (6:58:39 PM): she says i know u r
Lillblondii93 (6:58:51 PM): hahaha how old
KM Boudreau (6:59:03 PM): she sed hahah ur face is fuglly
KM Boudreau (6:59:06 PM): ndd old
Lillblondii93 (6:59:10 PM): o god
KM Boudreau (6:59:10 PM): but here she is
KM Boudreau (6:59:15 PM): faget
Lillblondii93 (6:59:21 PM): omg that hurts
Lillblondii93 (6:59:23 PM): lol not
KM Boudreau (6:59:32 PM): she sed ur mom hurt
Lillblondii93 (6:59:46 PM): only u would no
Lillblondii93 (6:59:53 PM): lezz
KM Boudreau (7:00:04 PM): yea cuz ur mom dont do boys only gurls like u
Lillblondii93 (7:00:12 PM): no thats u
KM Boudreau (7:00:18 PM): oo wait lezter.. no wait u guys r over
Lillblondii93 (7:00:22 PM): get ya brain cheecked
KM Boudreau (7:00:42 PM): i would tell u to get urs but u dont have one
Lillblondii93 (7:00:51 PM): haha ya i no now i got chris i ended it wit lesta so that dnt bug me
KM Boudreau (7:01:06 PM): he wikll dump u to
Lillblondii93 (7:01:13 PM): ya ok
KM Boudreau (7:01:22 PM): but heres kaitlin cuz ima flip on u if i dont stop rite now
KM Boudreau (7:01:24 PM): kk: ]
Lillblondii93 (7:01:28 PM): go talk 2 ur 5th grad bf
KM Boudreau (7:01:36 PM): wat??
Lillblondii93 (7:01:42 PM): did i stuter
KM Boudreau (7:01:48 PM): can u spell
KM Boudreau (7:01:50 PM): reatrd
KM Boudreau (7:01:52 PM): wat did u say
Lillblondii93 (7:01:52 PM): idk
KM Boudreau (7:02:02 PM): cuz ur mentally ill
Lillblondii93 (7:02:08 PM): go talk2 ur 5th grade bf
KM Boudreau (7:02:11 PM): i dont like a 5th grader
Lillblondii93 (7:02:19 PM): ya leasa told me
KM Boudreau (7:02:28 PM): lisa** b***h lisa
Lillblondii93 (7:02:35 PM): w/e
KM Boudreau (7:02:37 PM): go back to preschoo;
KM Boudreau (7:02:38 PM): l
Lillblondii93 (7:02:40 PM): no
KM Boudreau (7:02:47 PM): lisa the small lisa told u
Lillblondii93 (7:02:55 PM): ya
Lillblondii93 (7:03:06 PM): nd karin
KM Boudreau (7:03:09 PM): oo well i dont give to shits wat u think
KM Boudreau (7:03:11 PM): laren
KM Boudreau (7:03:17 PM): karen*****
KM Boudreau (7:03:22 PM): learn how to spell
Lillblondii93 (7:03:24 PM): w/e
KM Boudreau (7:03:46 PM): i will by u a dictionary 4 ur b day nd a condom so u dont get mioore aids
Lillblondii93 (7:03:49 PM): c u cnt find shyt els 2 say so u have 2 correct me haha ur funny
KM Boudreau (7:03:50 PM): but hers kailtlin
KM Boudreau (7:04:00 PM): shyt els????
KM Boudreau (7:04:10 PM): omg u 2 r gettin annoying
Lillblondii93 (7:04:15 PM): itz text talk
KM Boudreau (7:04:28 PM): well r we textin
KM Boudreau (7:04:33 PM): no were on aim
KM Boudreau (7:04:40 PM): dont try to act ghetto
Lillblondii93 (7:04:49 PM): itz also im talk b***h get ova ur self
KM Boudreau (7:05:00 PM): wat???
Lillblondii93 (7:05:02 PM): ******** u b***h it ant a act
KM Boudreau (7:05:05 PM): r u on crack???
Lillblondii93 (7:05:13 PM): no but ur face looks it
KM Boudreau (7:05:14 PM): wtf u talkin bout
KM Boudreau (7:05:29 PM): haha ur funny quit the drugs we all kno u do them
KM Boudreau (7:05:34 PM): im out peace: ]
Lillblondii93 (7:05:42 PM): nope im clen b***h
KM Boudreau (7:05:42 PM): lets c how long this lasts
KM Boudreau (7:05:54 PM): clean***
Lillblondii93 (7:05:57 PM): c how long what lasts
Lillblondii93 (7:06:01 PM): get ova it
KM Boudreau (7:06:16 PM): by the end of this conversations u will at least no how to spell the baby words we learned
KM Boudreau (7:06:20 PM): in 3rd grade
KM Boudreau (7:06:39 PM): i rote lets c how long this lasts when she said i'm out
KM Boudreau (7:06:47 PM): and it lasted 30 seconds
Lillblondii93 (7:06:49 PM): o god b***h get ova it i cnt spell im in speed so wat idk
KM Boudreau (7:07:02 PM): wtf
KM Boudreau (7:07:04 PM): ur messed
KM Boudreau (7:07:10 PM): at leasty u admit it
Lillblondii93 (7:07:14 PM): ur moms messed
KM Boudreau (7:07:16 PM): least*

KM Boudreau (7:07:21 PM): stfu u dont kno my mom
KM Boudreau (7:07:28 PM): my mom is when the line ends
KM Boudreau (7:07:32 PM): b***h go ******** urself
KM Boudreau (7:07:33 PM): bye
Lillblondii93 (7:07:38 PM): o god u dnt no my mom etha so suc a dicj
Lillblondii93 (7:07:42 PM): *d**k
KM Boudreau (7:07:49 PM): ok
KM Boudreau (7:07:53 PM): weres my bf
Lillblondii93 (7:07:56 PM): itzimposible u would no
Lillblondii93 (7:08:04 PM): haha slut
KM Boudreau (7:08:17 PM): oo big whoop wat else u got
Lillblondii93 (7:08:28 PM): nd itz ok that ur so ugly u can only get 5th graders
KM Boudreau (7:09:09 PM): i wouldnt b talk u look like a whore so stop tryina b a ghetto b***h cuz u aint ur only gettin on my last ******** nerve u hear me
KM Boudreau (7:09:18 PM): stfu ndd get over urself talk to kaitlin
KM Boudreau (7:09:18 PM): ok
KM Boudreau (7:09:24 PM): heres she is
Lillblondii93 (7:09:37 PM): haha i look like a slut o god id care
Lillblondii93 (7:09:54 PM): cuz i got da body 2 do it nd u dnt
Lillblondii93 (7:10:01 PM): so stop being jelows
KM Boudreau (7:10:27 PM): ya y would i b jelous of u
Lillblondii93 (7:10:36 PM): cuz im me
Lillblondii93 (7:11:05 PM): ok go get a bf ur own age nd c** talk 2 me
Lillblondii93 (7:11:08 PM): bye bye
KM Boudreau (7:11:09 PM): ur a ******** anerexic b***h who does drugs i love being myself ndd my friedns love me for me u aint got no friedns so u wouldnt kno
KM Boudreau (7:11:22 PM): y the ******** would i wanna tlak to u
KM Boudreau (7:11:32 PM): u make me stupid talkin to u
KM Boudreau (7:11:38 PM): go ******** urself in the corner
Lillblondii93 (7:11:46 PM): ya ok i got more friends then u nd no i ant anerexic so w/e idk what u think
KM Boudreau (7:11:49 PM): kaitlin says bye
KM Boudreau (7:12:01 PM): u dont kno wat i think
Lillblondii93 (7:12:01 PM): itz imposibl but ill gladly go ******** my bf
KM Boudreau (7:12:18 PM): u make u ******** sense sign off b***h
Lillblondii93 (7:12:30 PM): srry i ment id care
Lillblondii93 (7:12:33 PM): b***h
Lillblondii93 (7:12:36 PM): ******** u
KM Boudreau (7:12:44 PM): yea u probably would u whore but idk wat heres gettin cuz u aint got no p***y
KM Boudreau (7:13:15 PM): or balls
KM Boudreau (7:13:21 PM): but peace!!
Lillblondii93 (7:13:23 PM): ha so u got a d**k
Lillblondii93 (7:13:47 PM): o god im a hor cuz i ******** my bf even tho im a vergin
KM Boudreau (7:13:56 PM): virgin***
Lillblondii93 (7:14:13 PM): but if im going out wit sum 1 nd i wanna have sex thats not called a hor
KM Boudreau (7:14:23 PM): whore****8
KM Boudreau (7:14:30 PM): u ******** stupid as hell
KM Boudreau (7:14:33 PM): damnnnn!!!!!
Lillblondii93 (7:14:39 PM): nd w/e wev allready said icnt spell get ova it smut
KM Boudreau (7:14:49 PM): smut???
KM Boudreau (7:14:56 PM): dont u mean slutt???
Lillblondii93 (7:15:04 PM): itz a slut but like 10 times whors
Lillblondii93 (7:15:11 PM): so no i meen smut
Lillblondii93 (7:15:23 PM): ur actualy a custy a** smut
KM Boudreau (7:15:25 PM): whore**** come on we just spelt that word sink itinto ur head
KM Boudreau (7:15:35 PM): custy a** smut??
KM Boudreau (7:15:41 PM): w.e. ur makin me dumb
Lillblondii93 (7:15:45 PM): no i spell it that way cuz im not at skool
KM Boudreau (7:15:58 PM): u bye
KM Boudreau (7:16:00 PM): bye
Lillblondii93 (7:16:02 PM): good maybe ur head will shrink a lill
KM Boudreau signed off at 7:16:05 PM.
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KM Boudreau (7:17:01 PM): whatt

Auto Response from Lillblondii93 (7:17:02 PM): im deff outty idk where or y but not hea so ya w/e

Lillblondii93 (7:17:11 PM): did i studder
Lillblondii93 (7:17:16 PM): bye b***h
KM Boudreau (7:17:19 PM): e
KM Boudreau (7:17:21 PM): bye
KM Boudreau signed off at 7:17:25 PM.


and agin this is a fight between me(lillblondii93) and alysas cousin (x dtmf) funny a** shyt right hea i think alysas a p***y 4 having her cuzzin fight her batles on line lol funny hu

x dtmf (8:25:11 PM): hey b***h
Lillblondii93 (8:25:25 PM): who is dis
x dtmf (8:25:33 PM): alysas cousin
Lillblondii93 (8:25:40 PM): ya bye b***h
x dtmf (8:25:41 PM): i'm done with that myspace bullshit
x dtmf (8:25:45 PM): what you scared?
x dtmf (8:25:57 PM): afraid that i might say something too mean?
Lillblondii93 (8:26:01 PM): no im just scared of ur ugly face
x dtmf (8:26:07 PM): bvecause you know what i look like.
Lillblondii93 (8:26:31 PM): no but if u look ne thing lik aslysa u sum scary s**t
x dtmf (8:26:50 PM): oh yeahhh, if alysas ugly then your worse, because she stole your mabn like nothing.
x dtmf (8:26:51 PM): men*
x dtmf (8:26:54 PM): mann**
Lillblondii93 (8:27:15 PM): plzz he was afrad i was 2 hot
x dtmf (8:27:19 PM): HAA
Lillblondii93 (8:27:21 PM): so he went 4 ugly
x dtmf (8:27:34 PM): no. youve got it back wards
Lillblondii93 (8:27:54 PM): no ur face got it baqerds hun
x dtmf (8:28:04 PM): HA because you made sense?
x dtmf (8:28:10 PM): and its backwards
x dtmf (8:28:12 PM): *
x dtmf (8:28:18 PM): what grade are you going into ..9?
x dtmf (8:28:21 PM): you should know how to spell
Lillblondii93 (8:28:28 PM): ha u got nutin 2 say so u sayinbg i make no sence hahah
x dtmf (8:28:44 PM): ...? what obv. thats something
x dtmf (8:28:47 PM): are you dumb?
x dtmf (8:28:50 PM): your stupid and ugly.
Lillblondii93 (8:29:03 PM): ha ugly my a**
x dtmf (8:29:11 PM): WHAT a**?
x dtmf (8:29:13 PM): what a***
x dtmf (8:29:20 PM): i'm pretty sure there isn't any.
Lillblondii93 (8:29:29 PM): that a** u anbt got
Lillblondii93 (8:29:36 PM): *ant
x dtmf (8:29:39 PM): mines bigger and better.
Lillblondii93 (8:29:46 PM): hahah
Lillblondii93 (8:29:48 PM): funny
x dtmf (8:29:49 PM): atleast i can say i've done s**t and not lie
Lillblondii93 (8:29:58 PM): i have 2
Lillblondii93 (8:30:00 PM): b***h
x dtmf (8:30:04 PM): oo i forgot you made out with a girl
Lillblondii93 (8:30:10 PM): no
x dtmf (8:30:15 PM): ha you did
x dtmf (8:30:18 PM): or was tht a lie too?
x dtmf (8:30:29 PM): harlie? or is she a poster?
Lillblondii93 (8:30:33 PM): no i went down on a guy
x dtmf (8:30:40 PM): OMG!
x dtmf (8:30:42 PM): no way!
x dtmf (8:30:46 PM): a d**k? are you kidding?
Lillblondii93 (8:31:00 PM): nd iv done more than that but w/e
x dtmf (8:31:05 PM): sure you have
x dtmf (8:31:11 PM): in your dreams maybe
x dtmf (8:31:17 PM): wheres your head been
x dtmf (8:31:23 PM): b.c it's way too far up your a**
Lillblondii93 (8:31:40 PM): ya ok u make no sence b***h
x dtmf (8:31:46 PM): meaning your dirty and slow
x dtmf (8:31:53 PM): what are you doing at 10?
Lillblondii93 (8:31:55 PM): your stupid
x dtmf (8:31:56 PM): the corner again?
x dtmf (8:32:08 PM): i'm stupid, but i'm pretty sure i make sense*
Lillblondii93 (8:32:09 PM): no your daddy
x dtmf (8:32:26 PM): he's dead, but unless your going for the dead guys because thats all you cna get then w.e.
Lillblondii93 (8:32:40 PM): why dont you ******** your self sence you have no one else to enjoy
x dtmf (8:32:46 PM): i have a boyfriend.
x dtmf (8:32:54 PM): and i enjoy every bit of it
Lillblondii93 (8:32:58 PM): wat is he like 5
Lillblondii93 (8:33:02 PM): but its ok
x dtmf (8:33:13 PM): he'd probably have seen more d**k than you
Lillblondii93 (8:33:37 PM): wtf is he guy
x dtmf (8:33:44 PM): obv. and he has a d**k
Lillblondii93 (8:33:52 PM): gay
Lillblondii93 (8:33:56 PM): *
x dtmf (8:34:01 PM): no he's not.
x dtmf (8:34:08 PM): he's not like you.
x dtmf (8:34:15 PM): he doens't make out with his own sex
x dtmf (8:34:27 PM): if you don't know what i mean by sex i mean gender
Lillblondii93 (8:34:41 PM): ok well im going to let you go cuz dis aint getting no were so i will have fun wit alysas daddy now
x dtmf (8:34:41 PM): since your head is in the gutter you whore
x dtmf (8:35:15 PM): your so ugly not even a paper bag would help you
x dtmf (8:35:18 PM): so falll backkk
Lillblondii93 (8:35:43 PM): that was funny
x dtmf (8:35:49 PM): the truth is funny.
Lillblondii93 (8:37:04 PM): can you hop off mi d**k nd get a ******** life unless all you do for a liveing if fight wit 15 year olds all day
x dtmf (8:37:56 PM): so now your a hermaphadite?
x dtmf (8:38:03 PM): your really ******** up
Lillblondii93 (8:38:18 PM): wat
x dtmf (8:38:26 PM): its when your a boy& a girl
Lillblondii93 (8:38:35 PM): thats a saying you dumbass
Lillblondii93 (8:38:51 PM): no im srry but dats alysa
x dtmf (8:38:58 PM): shes so dumb right?
Lillblondii93 (8:39:02 PM): yea
x dtmf (8:39:08 PM): sooo dumb that she doesn't even know how to steal a boy.
x dtmf (8:39:08 PM): wow.
x dtmf (8:39:14 PM): i can't believe how dumb she is
x dtmf (8:39:41 PM): sarcasim if you didn't sense
x dtmf (8:39:43 PM): it
Lillblondii93 (8:39:48 PM): no well shes so dumb she dnt no when da 4th of july is
x dtmf (8:40:20 PM): wasn't it an inside joke?
Lillblondii93 (8:40:21 PM): o tell her itz right afta the 3
x dtmf (8:40:28 PM): i think she can count
Lillblondii93 (8:40:58 PM): ya not that night cuz she strat up sead 'whens the 4th of july
Lillblondii93 (8:41:02 PM): '
x dtmf (8:41:11 PM): oh, dont care
Lillblondii93 (8:41:42 PM): cnt wait till she gose 2 highschool actin lik dat shes gunna get ******** up itz gunna b funny
Lillblondii93 (8:41:57 PM): nd i would do it but i dnt fight n ova boys
Lillblondii93 (8:41:59 PM): srry
x dtmf (8:42:01 PM): yeah wicked, girls like you are going to get ******** up
Lillblondii93 (8:42:11 PM): ha not
x dtmf (8:42:14 PM): and two older cousins at the same girl=no fights for her.
x dtmf (8:42:22 PM): yeah sluts aren't liked in ths or bp
x dtmf (8:42:34 PM): you get pregnant and then laughed at, good for you.
Lillblondii93 (8:42:53 PM): no i ant even goin 2 bp
x dtmf (8:43:01 PM): NOTICE I SAID THS
Lillblondii93 (8:43:04 PM): so go suc alysas big d**k
x dtmf (8:43:09 PM): dumbass
x dtmf (8:43:19 PM): yeah, i think it's a vag.
Lillblondii93 (8:43:25 PM): nope
x dtmf (8:43:31 PM): pretty sure when she wears tight pants theres no buldge
Lillblondii93 (8:43:34 PM): itz alysa she ant got 1
x dtmf (8:43:36 PM): if she had a d**k you'd be the first to jump oni t.
Lillblondii93 (8:44:10 PM): no srry i dnt tuck grimy custy pplz dicks so alysas would b out
Lillblondii93 (8:44:15 PM): of da /
Lillblondii93 (8:44:17 PM): ?
x dtmf (8:44:35 PM): she doesn't have a d**k
x dtmf (8:44:45 PM): you should know b.c. youve checked her out in the shower before
Lillblondii93 (8:44:55 PM): no
Lillblondii93 (8:45:25 PM): we had bathin suites on n she wanted 2 so i was nice nd let her
Lillblondii93 (8:45:42 PM): o nd ask her how ritcherd is
x dtmf (8:46:20 PM): oh she said hes good.
x dtmf (8:46:30 PM): she don't talk to him nymore, it's called commited*
x dtmf (8:46:34 PM): so you can suck his d**k now.
Lillblondii93 (8:46:37 PM): ya 2 bad he left her 4 his x
x dtmf (8:46:43 PM): for 2cents
x dtmf (8:46:54 PM): too bad they were never talking
Lillblondii93 (8:47:40 PM): ya well day did sum s**t o thats called slut if u did not no not going out wit sum 1 nd sucing there d**k
x dtmf (8:48:01 PM): they didn't even do stufff
Lillblondii93 (8:48:10 PM): not what she told me
x dtmf (8:48:32 PM): do you know the deff. of a slut?!?!
Lillblondii93 (8:48:41 PM): ya u nd her
x dtmf (8:48:45 PM): me, ahahhaahah!!!
x dtmf (8:48:48 PM): nope.
Lillblondii93 (8:48:53 PM): yep
x dtmf (8:48:56 PM): someone who sleeps with alot of people and have sex.
x dtmf (8:49:07 PM): i've had sex once, and i've been with the boy for 2 years.
x dtmf (8:49:17 PM): so, you can shut the ******** up you ******** ugly a** b***h.
Lillblondii93 (8:49:19 PM): no if day do shyt wit a lot of ppl get it right b***h
x dtmf (8:49:28 PM): before i go to your house tomorrow, and ******** kick the s**t out of you!
x dtmf (8:50:02 PM): this is so dumb, waisting my time on some ******** little dumb whore like you.
Lillblondii93 (8:50:02 PM): if im a b***h ur a b***h ur moms a b***h 4 havin a b***h ur dads a b***h 4 ******** a b***h whos da b***h now b***h
x dtmf (8:50:21 PM): my ******** dad's dead.
Lillblondii93 (8:50:28 PM): ha nd i ant gunnaq b there cuz im camping
x dtmf (8:50:37 PM): were you going camping?
Lillblondii93 (8:50:43 PM): ur moms a**
x dtmf (8:50:53 PM): b/c my boyfriend drives and i'm not afraid to have him drive there.
x dtmf (8:50:57 PM): where you goign?
x dtmf (8:51:01 PM): you secared?
x dtmf (8:51:05 PM): scared*
x dtmf (8:51:06 PM): huh?
x dtmf (8:51:07 PM): huh?
Lillblondii93 (8:51:13 PM): ur moms shyty a** tell her 2 whip more
x dtmf (8:51:14 PM): where you going you ******** little pissy.
x dtmf (8:51:18 PM): p***y*
x dtmf (8:51:37 PM): mhm. cool. now you ******** c**t.
x dtmf (8:51:47 PM): you got my pissed, where t he ******** are you going camping?
Lillblondii93 (8:51:48 PM): you make me laugh
x dtmf (8:52:00 PM): you to much of a ******** p***y to tell me?
x dtmf (8:52:02 PM): huh, are yous cared?>
x dtmf (8:52:05 PM): i think you are.
Lillblondii93 (8:52:10 PM): the woods
x dtmf (8:52:14 PM): little julia scared?
x dtmf (8:52:18 PM): aw, poor baby.
x dtmf (8:52:26 PM): she's a little p***y.
Lillblondii93 (8:52:28 PM): the woods c** find me b***h
Lillblondii93 (8:52:35 PM): who u
Lillblondii93 (8:52:38 PM): ya
Lillblondii93 (8:52:43 PM): iu think so
Lillblondii93 (8:52:48 PM): burn b***h
Lillblondii93 (8:53:23 PM): aww 2 scared 2 type i think so
Lillblondii93 (8:53:50 PM): well i think im done hea bye bitches have fun in looservil
Lillblondii93 (8:53:52 PM): usaa
x dtmf (8:53:54 PM): nope, i was looks at campgrounds.
Lillblondii93 (8:54:05 PM): itz in vermont
x dtmf (8:54:14 PM): i'll still come there b***h.
Lillblondii93 (8:54:23 PM): ok see u there
x dtmf (8:54:31 PM): and when youc ome back from camping, i'll come to yoru house, and kick the s**t out of you AGIAN.
Lillblondii93 (8:54:32 PM): im site 1
x dtmf (8:54:37 PM): what's the campground called?
Lillblondii93 (8:54:45 PM): idfk
x dtmf (8:54:56 PM): findo ut your ufkcing stupid c**t.
Lillblondii93 (8:55:10 PM): i think itz called ur moms a**
Lillblondii93 (8:55:17 PM): im not shoure tho
x dtmf (8:55:21 PM): i think it's callled julias scared campground
x dtmf (8:55:50 PM): oh, i think it's time for you to go work the corner.
Lillblondii93 (8:55:53 PM): nope but i think i win cuz u nd alysa suc at fighting verbaly so bye bitches
x dtmf (8:56:05 PM): you're just scared!
Lillblondii93 (8:56:14 PM): no thats u but thx i dnt need da $$ dat bad
x dtmf (8:56:19 PM): i'll ******** kill you, you ******** c**t.
Lillblondii93 (8:56:43 PM): u say da mabe ill b lik asysa nd tell da copes
Lillblondii93 (8:56:53 PM): *cops
x dtmf (8:57:34 PM): well maybe if you wernt a ******** phsyco a** c**t. they woudln't of.
Lillblondii93 (8:58:11 PM): um it wasent on me hunny so ya bad diss think of a new 1 quikc
Lillblondii93 (8:58:16 PM): *quck
x dtmf (8:58:57 PM): ******** you b***h, what camp ground you going too?
Lillblondii93 (8:59:06 PM): ur mom i told u
x dtmf (9:00:09 PM): seriously, you're a ******** p***y julia. just tell me so i can stop waisting my time on you.
x dtmf (9:00:17 PM): you don't want to get ******** upp.
Lillblondii93 (9:00:55 PM): u dnt wanna get locked up do u cuz my dads a cop nd hes lik in da otha room so i can show him if u want
x dtmf (9:01:17 PM): you'll be ratting yourself out anyways.
x dtmf (9:01:24 PM): aww, poor julia scared.
Lillblondii93 (9:01:46 PM): how will i be doing dat i didnt say nuthing
x dtmf (9:01:47 PM): TATTLE TAILOR
x dtmf (9:01:48 PM): TATTLE TAILOR
x dtmf (9:01:49 PM): TATTLE TAILOR
x dtmf (9:01:49 PM): TATTLE TAILOR
x dtmf (9:01:49 PM): TATTLE TAILOR
x dtmf (9:01:50 PM): TATTLE TAILOR
x dtmf (9:01:50 PM): TATTLE TAILOR
Lillblondii93 (9:01:52 PM): lik alisa
x dtmf (9:01:56 PM): BITTTTCCHHHH
x dtmf (9:02:02 PM): IT'S ALYSA, YOU DUMB b***h
Lillblondii93 (9:02:35 PM): if im a b***h ur a b***h ur moms a b***h 4 having a b***h ur dads a b***h 4 ******** a b***h whos the b***h now b***h
x dtmf (9:02:54 PM): ******** YOU, YOU ******** c**t, YOU WONT KNOW WHERE I'LL BE COMING FROM, YOU GO TO THE MALL, I'LL ******** BE THERE. YOU WONT KNOWW I'M COMING c**t.
Lillblondii93 (9:03:04 PM): w/e c if i care i dnt care bout her so y would i care how its spelled ???
x dtmf (9:03:19 PM): b/c i ******** care.!
x dtmf (9:03:21 PM): obv.
Lillblondii93 (9:03:22 PM): hahahah shut u7p
x dtmf (9:03:26 PM): nopeeeeeee.
x dtmf (9:03:42 PM): just wait and watch.
x dtmf (9:03:46 PM): be scared.
Lillblondii93 (9:04:08 PM): ok ill have so many ppl affta u nd ur gay cuz alisa 2
x dtmf (9:04:08 PM): be very scareddddddd.
Lillblondii93 (9:04:18 PM): notic i left ii wit da i
x dtmf (9:04:18 PM): haha, you can't ******** fight for yourself???
x dtmf (9:04:28 PM): p***y.
x dtmf (9:04:30 PM): OUSSY
x dtmf (9:04:32 PM): p***y
x dtmf (9:04:35 PM): p***y
Lillblondii93 (9:04:35 PM): oooo im sooooooo skared not
x dtmf (9:04:39 PM): MHM, I KNOW YOU ARE.
x dtmf (9:04:43 PM): YOU HAVE TO GET PPL AFTER ME.
x dtmf (9:04:46 PM): THEY DON'T KONW WHO I AM.
Lillblondii93 (9:04:50 PM): itz sarcasum b***h
x dtmf (9:04:55 PM): AND NEITHER DO YOU. SO WATCH YOUR BACK ******** b***h.
x dtmf (9:05:09 PM): i'm telling you.
x dtmf (9:05:14 PM): watch your ******** back.
Lillblondii93 (9:05:19 PM): kk ill seee you in you grave da next dayy bithc
x dtmf (9:05:25 PM): i'm sure.
Lillblondii93 (9:05:32 PM): you r
x dtmf (9:05:32 PM): who'd be killing me?
x dtmf (9:05:33 PM): HUH
x dtmf (9:05:34 PM): HUH
x dtmf (9:05:42 PM): b/c someone can't fight for themselfs.
Lillblondii93 (9:05:43 PM): you will see
x dtmf (9:05:45 PM): p***y
x dtmf (9:05:47 PM): p***y
x dtmf (9:05:58 PM): p***y
Lillblondii93 (9:05:58 PM): no i can ******** c**t a**
x dtmf (9:05:59 PM): p***y
x dtmf (9:05:59 PM): p***y
x dtmf (9:05:59 PM): p***y
x dtmf (9:06:00 PM): p***y
x dtmf (9:06:11 PM): WHATT HAHAHAHAHAH@
x dtmf (9:06:16 PM): you make no sense.
Lillblondii93 (9:06:16 PM): u got nothin 2 say so u say that i c how u r
x dtmf (9:06:29 PM): you make ******** noo sense, b***h.
Lillblondii93 (9:06:30 PM): nd u only sayin it cuz u want p***y
x dtmf (9:06:39 PM): oh yeah, deff.
x dtmf (9:06:54 PM): m,hm, i'm so lesbian. i've been with my boyfriend for 2 years i'm so lezzz.
x dtmf (9:06:55 PM): ya know.
Lillblondii93 (9:07:09 PM): o well im bout 2 go 4 a walk wanna c** jump me hu b***h
x dtmf (9:07:39 PM): ahahah, you're going to take a walk?? aahahha, to go work on the corner.
x dtmf (9:07:40 PM): ahahah.
x dtmf (9:07:42 PM): hope you die.
x dtmf (9:07:48 PM): someone kills you .
Lillblondii93 (9:07:56 PM): hope u die so u can go c ur dad
Lillblondii93 (9:08:17 PM): c**t cuntcunt c**t c**t
x dtmf (9:08:23 PM): what time you going camping?
Lillblondii93 (9:08:30 PM): 100am
x dtmf (9:08:43 PM): suree.
Lillblondii93 (9:09:04 PM): no really so we can get 2 vermont by 7:00
Lillblondii93 (9:09:16 PM): cuz we going 2 c summin
x dtmf (9:09:38 PM): when you coming back?
Lillblondii93 (9:09:48 PM): next mounth
Lillblondii93 (9:09:57 PM): *MONTH
x dtmf (9:10:01 PM): well, we'll be at your house everyday.
x dtmf (9:10:16 PM): untill you gethome.
Lillblondii93 (9:10:36 PM): so ur a stalker il be shoure 2 tel my dad
Lillblondii93 (9:10:42 PM): the cop
x dtmf (9:10:47 PM): hahaha.
x dtmf (9:10:48 PM): okay
x dtmf (9:10:52 PM): what's your adas name?
x dtmf (9:10:56 PM): dads*
Lillblondii93 (9:11:01 PM): well i think i win bye
x dtmf (9:11:10 PM): what's your dads name?
Lillblondii93 (9:11:16 PM): dont b njelows cuz u ant got 1
x dtmf (9:11:17 PM): odn't ******** walk away from a fight.
x dtmf (9:11:19 PM): you ******** p***y
Lillblondii93 (9:11:44 PM): well im going 2 walk my dowg d**k sukker
x dtmf (9:11:50 PM): i know i am.
x dtmf (9:11:50 PM): ha.
x dtmf (9:11:53 PM): and i like it
Lillblondii93 (9:12:00 PM): i do 2
x dtmf (9:12:03 PM): i don't eat out girls or makeout with them like you.
Lillblondii93 (9:12:14 PM): no i dnt thatz u nd ur cuzty a** u b***h