The final bell rang. Paper air planes went flying in the air and party poppers blew out in the classroom.
“Finally!!!” Sora shouted.
Kairi laughed at him, ‘idiot’ she mouthed to me pointing at him.
Selphie and I laughed.
Riku looked back at us and smiled.
I smiled back at him.
Yoanna glanced at Selphie and I and smiled. Vicky hasn’t changed, Yoanna sure has. They’re still good friends, but Vicky’s been bossing her around and Yoanna’s happily obeying her. At least Yoanna was alright now.
“Class! Class! Settle down!” Teacher Maebelle calls. No one listened. She sighed then whistled loudly, just like a cowgirl.
Everyone settled down then. She smiled at us. “We all know it’s summer vacation, so make sure you lockers are empty and ya left nothing behind.” She said.
Teacher Maebelle suddenly had tears in her eyes. We all stared at her. “Oh, I’m going to miss you guys so much!” she said crying, but the smile on her face didn’t go away.
I started tearing up, so did Selphie and Kairi. Most of the girls did and so did some guys. The whole class stood up and we had a huge group hug.
Everyone then let go of each other and went back to their seats.
Kairi walked up to Teacher Maebelle. “Teacher Maebelle, this is from us to you. We’ll never ever forget you.” She said as she pointed to the back of the classroom. There was a big white table cloth hiding something.
Selphie and I stood up we took the white cloth out and then a big poster of our class picture was there. At the very bottom part was a prayer made by Selphie and the sides had anime drawings that I drew. Riku and Sora got it printed on the poster and there was a big blank square at the side where everyone signed this morning before Teacher Maebelle could come.
“All that’s missing is your little message on that.” Kairi said giving her a permanent marker. There was a small angel there at the center of the blank square, not that small though. You could write a little something on the dress.
Teacher Maebelle went to the back part of the classroom and signed something. ‘ I love my family ‘ That’s what she wrote.
She returned the marker to Kairi.
“Oh my gosh… I would love to thank you all. God, thank you so so so much for blessing me with these wonderful children. No wonderful Angels. This was my first year in this school, and I loved it so much. If it weren’t for them. Thank you Lord, so much for blessing me with your children.” She said, she tried to make it quiet so no one would hear, but her voice was loud enough to reach the back. Some students cried again, touched. I just smiled.
We all packed our stuff, leaving nothing behind as Maebelle said. We were asked by Teacher Maebelle to form a straight line facing the exit door. She gave everyone little presents as we exited. Everyone gave her a nice, warm hug as he or she exited.
I hugged her, she hugged me back. “Like, Kairi said we’ll never forget you.” I said.
“I’ll never forget you either, I’ll won’t forget any one of you.” She replied, then I walked out.
We were all out and walked towards the boat, when we were in the boat we opened the presents. She gave everyone key chains.
“Your guys are so lucky, Our teacher gave us cookies not presents.” Tidus said.
“But you’ve got to say they were delicious.” Wakka said, finishing his.
I got a keychain with a black cat with bright green eyes holding a pencil and a sketch pad. It had a tag. “Sharix, color my heart” I read.
Kairi got a teddy bear holding a globe and a pen. “Kairi, you rock my world”
Selphie got a cat too, but hers was a brown tabby cat. “Selphie, keep on skipping“
Riku got a wolf, with a sword in its mouth. “Riku, protecting my pack”
Sora got a dog holding a key “Sora, unlock your talents sweetheart”
We all smiled. Then I kept my keychain as everyone else did.
“Summer’s finally here, huh?” Kairi said,
“Yeah, sure is.” Sora replied.
We all stepped off the boat.
“Let’s meet tomorrow, like on the weekends.” Riku said.
I nodded and so did the others.
Kairi and I walked back home, everyone walked back home. We went up to our room, dropping our bags on the floor like heavy weights.
We looked at each other, and then smiled. I rushed to get a CD and Kairi ran to get her radio, plugging it I placed the CD in. Kairi pressed play, we put the volume pretty high.
Kairi started dancing, I was just singing- not really a dancer… We were playing a song from our favorite Japanese- pop band NEWS, which stands for Never Ending Wonderful Story. Kairi and I had to agree, they were a wonderfully wonderful story indeed. Also, we hoped they never ever ended so they can continue to rock our world. I continued to sing, she continued to dance. The song playing now was called ‘Nantoka Narusa’
“Na na na! na na na… Na na na! na na na… Na na na! na na na… Na na na! na na na…” Kairi and I sang.
“Kiito nanto ka naru sa, shinpai wa nai sa
Kano mich massugu itto miyou
Kaze no fuku mama, sou kanjiru ga mama
Susumeba daijoubu ashita mo ii otenk.” I sand the chorus in unison with the singers: Massu, Koyama and Yamapi.
The song ended, unfortunately, and I joined Kairi for a final pose like thing.
We heard a knock or two on the door.
I opened it, “put the volume down and go down, it’s dinner time.” Our care-taker told us.
We nodded, and then she left. We looked at each other, and burst out laughing.
“You think she watched us?” I asked, laughing.
“Maybe, she came right after the song ended.” Kairi said, laughing too.
The song ‘Hoshi wo Mezashite’ started playing, we loved this song, and I loved all their songs.
Kairi paused it, “We’ll get back to it after dinner.” She said, and I nodded.
We went down and ate dinner quickly. Only after a few minutes we were already done, after placing our plates on the sink we rushed upstairs.
Kairi pressed play, we copied some of their movements that we saw from their music video of Hoshi wo Mezashite.
I sand Tegoshi Yuya’s parts, he wasn’t my favorite, and well he was second in line. After Masuda Takahisa, AKA: Massu, that is. He has an amazing voice and he was just adorable.
Kairi and I continued to sing and dance. She sang the chorus with me though. We had so fun! The whole CD repeated over and over again.
We heard hard knocking on the door in the middle of NEWS’ song ‘Cherish’.
I opened it, it was our care-taker again. “Girls, please go to bed now. It’s 10 already, and your J-pop’s shaking the whole house!” she said smiling, obviously exaggerating on the last part.
We smiled back.
“Okay, okay we’ll go to bed now. Good night.” Kairi said.
I nodded. “Good night.”
She smiled again then left the room. We got into our pajamas brushing our teeth and hair before climbing into our beds.
Kairi turned her night light on. “You’re an amazing singer Sharix.”
I turned my lamp off. “You’re the best dancer I’ve ever, ever seen.” I told her. “Good night.”
“Good night.” She told me.
I lay on my bed thinking, eyes shut. Summer just started and today was super! I wonder how summer’s going to go about this year…? I bet it’ll be a blast. I just know it, after seeing how today went, summer in Destiny Islands will be great.

I was right! Summer here is great! It’s been two weeks already since summer vacation began.
I walked outside with Riku and the others. We were just going around the island chatting, and then we stopped by a poupu tree.
I went up and sat down on it.
Riku leaned on the tree, standing beside me.
Sora sat down on it to, on opposite said of Riku.
Kairi sat down beside Sora.
Selphie sat down on sand with Tidus and Wakka.
Everything was silent at first. Suddenly, someone broke the silence. It was Riku.
“Well guys, we do know that there are other worlds out there, right?” he said.
We all nodded.
“Like where do Sharix and Kairi come from? Probably another world…” he continues “but I wonder why we get stuck in this island. Why aren’t we in some other world? I’m going to find out about those worlds. I mean, wouldn’t it be better than just staying here?”
I looked at him and stayed silent, I turned to the ocean and tried looking beyond it.
“My parents won’t approve of that, and no way am I going to run away.” Selphie said.
“Me either.” Tidus said.
“I’d rather not go, Oh wait now I have to go. Later all.” Wakka said as he went home.
Soon, Tidus and Selphie were called in. Only Sora, Riku, Kairi and I were left.
“I’m going to find out about the other worlds…” Riku said.
“And we’ll be there with you!” Sora said.
Kairi and I nodded. “But how?” she asked.
“We’ll build a raft.” Riku said.
“Sounds fun.” I said smiling.
“Yeah,” Sora agrees.
So that was it, we were going to build a raft to get to the other side, the other worlds. This was so exciting!

The next day, we got started on the raft.
Riku gave us a list.
“What’s this?” I asked looking at it.
“Items we need to collect for the raft.” Riku explains.
“Oh…” Kairi said.
“Well, let’s get to it.” Sora said.
We all nodded and headed our own ways getting the stuff we needed. It took a while for me to collect all those stuff. I came back about an hour later. Kairi came a few minutes after me though, and Sora arrived before both of us.
“Good, looks like I’ve got my items too.” Riku said. “Let’s get started!”
We all nodded. “Yeah!”

Finally! It was already sunset, and we were leaving tomorrow night at ten o’ clock. We were all very tired. There was a big raft that stood in the shores of Destiny Islands. Looking at it made me think that I could get closer to my past.
“I’m going back home.” Sora said tiredly.
Kairi and I nodded and started walking back, exhausted.
“Remember, ten o’ clock!” Riku reminded us.
We all turned to nod at him then continued to walk.
Kairi and I went to our room and climbed up our beds. We fell asleep immediately, forgetting dinner.

I woke up and climbed out of my bed, packing my stuff for later.
Kairi woke up soon after and started packing too. We finished packing then we let the day pass by normally.
After dinner, I went to take a few hours of sleep before the clock strikes ten.

Riku woke me up, shaking me. I opened my eyes, “huh?”
“I brought your stuff down already because it’s already 9:50! Where’s Kairi?!” Riku asks.
I was still sleepy so I simply pointed to the bed below mine.
“She’s not there.” Riku said.
That made me wake up, so I looked down. Then I looked at the bathroom door, it was open with no lights on. I began to worry. “Ask Sora.” I said.
“Not with him.” Riku said. “I asked.”
I bit my lip.
“Come on, let’s go find her.” Riku said.
I nodded, jumping out of my bed.
Riku exited the room, passing through the door.
I did to, but once I reached the door everything suddenly went black and I could feel my body falling and shutting down. I don’t know what happened… what happened to Kairi, what happened to the others, what happened to me.

Kairi mysteriously disappeared, and I have a good guess that I myself, disappeared with her.