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Darky Darling Thoughts
About any and evrything that comes in my head. Things that happended to me and things that happended around me that I wanna tell you all.
Well I dont know if anyone knows (or cares) but someday I want to be a writer. Mostly wanna be like Anne Rice cuz I think she's the best!! anyway its hard cuz well I hit these writter blocks n its so fustrating!!!
anyway i wrote this a while back when i was consedering opening a minishop:

A Writer's Block!

"Hey, sis got the rest of your mail!" Angel Chortle said as she rust in her twin sister house, her hands full of opened envelops, and huge smile on her face. "Here ya go!" she dropped the letter on the desk where I was sited.

"No~~~..." My voice trail of in total despair. Ever since I decided to make some extra gold and create a mini shop for my stories I've been getting none stop request and commissions. My desk was cover in crumpled papers of half good stories and total disasters. I slammed my head on the table, lifting it up again, and slamming it back down. I repeated this little melt-down action again and again to the dismay of my confused sister.

"Stop it Darky!" She all but screamed at me. Moving away from the table, facing away from me, her arms stretched over the window, her eyes down caste and dreamy. "People come to you, Darky; they want to know what's in your mind. You have the ability to create worlds with just your mind, to--- Darky!!!" Turning around to face me, she saw me hunching in a corner, fashioning a noose out of some twine I found, my eyes where wide with shock at being discover in a last ditch afford of getting out of my responsibilities. "Darky! Quit being so over dramatic and finish the damn stories!!!"


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Swedish Pescada
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Nov 02, 2008 @ 07:02pm
Lol, very funny!!!! whee

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