Hello. So this is my first entry so I will begin by tell you a little about myself. My adictted to Gaia and a huge Anime freak. I am A terrible speller. I always try really hard but it dosn't always come out right. I live in Canada and I do not say EH! as much as you's think and I don't live in snow. I am hyper, out going. I square dance, which is very fun and I actully compete in it. As a caller and a dancer. I go to the P.N.T.S.D.F. The Pacfic NorthWest Teen Square Dance Festible. It's an International compation and I really enjoy it. I've been dacing for 4 years. My Grandfather is a famous caller and the caller for my club is on of the best callers in the world. (Yay me lol). Right now my funny word is Pickles. So if you say it I will laugh. My fav anime is probably Tokyo mew mew and Youtsuba &. I have read all of Tokyo mew mew and I have read 5/8 of the Youtusuba & (I think). My Name by the way is Gemini and I'm 15 years old. (Or I will be on may.28,200 cool . My best friends name is Jessica. Her Username is X__Nekozumi__X. My fav animal is a piggy. They cute and one of the smartest animals and one of the cleanest animals on the earth. (It's true). I Love little kids (Not sexual) I love to babysit them and play games with them. People always ask me to babysit there kids.(It's awsome). I am Random and hyper alot. I am stright and a girl. I want to be a singer/actress/writer/Pastor in Tokyo,Japan when I'm an Adult. I am a senior shoulder of the salvastion Army. Yes I'm christian. I am not one of though christians who crtisise people for not being christian though. I'd perfer if everyone was but it's your desion on how your gonna act in this world. I don't swear much unless I get really upset and actully swearing is not a sin swearing at someone is a sin. I go to a private christian school. Did I mention I'm a anime freak. I think I did. Anyway so now you know a bit about me and my life.