this is my story. most of this is true but some is fake..... also u might can tell that it isnt finished....... ill add more later, so enjoy!! blaugh

It was a beautiful spring morning. The sakura trees were bloomed, and the wind was moving slightly.
I made my way up the hill that I walk every morning to get to school, trying to hide from my enamies. since I moved to this country I felt that no one really liked me.
When I made it to the top I saw that Ann was weighting for me. She had the same uniform as mine, so we went to the same school. She also had her hair in high pigtails and had a slight bed head.
I smiled and ran down the hill. I shouted out her name. "Hey Ann, wait up!" She turn around and gave me a slight smile and walked tords me. "Your kind of late you know, usually I'm the late one," Ann said. It was true, my mother had to wake me up this morning.
She came up to me to fix my tie. " You can be so clumsy at times Dani, you know that?" Ann can always acts like my mother when I do thing like that. "I’m sorry!" I said. Then the wind started to blow a little harder, and the sakura pettles started to blow off the trees. "Lets go we're going to be late
Luckily we made it in time. Since the wind was blowing my hair was tangled, like always so Ann was giving me a whole lecture about brushing my hair. I wasn’t paying attention to her, but instead I was looking around the room. Em. Was in front of the room talking to other friends and other people were just socializing. I knew nobody really like me except Ann.
When class started I was bored to death so I stared out the window and watch the gym class and the sakura pettles falling out of nowhere. I watch everyone running like maniacs
All the boys were making fun of the girls and the girls were just ignoring them.
Before I knew it class was over and it was time to change classes. Health class is a really boring class.
When I was walking down the hall I saw a huge crowd of girls like usual. The only thing that I herd was the tv in the language room that was very loud and girls screaming. They mayed an annoying sound that mayed my head explode.
Then Ann joined up with me. I knew that she was in the bath room because her hair was strait and unknotted. “Hey, what’s up?” she said. I didn’t say anything and she looked at me as if she was saying ‘what is up with you Dani? Something wrong?’ I looked at her. That minute my mind came back into my head.
“Are you ok Dani?” Ann said. I immediately said, “I’m ok… just a weird feeling in my tummy” she said ok, so then we made our way to gym class.