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Babblings of a Blondie Photo Album & Collection of Funnies

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The bank that I work at is one of those in-store locations, in a grocery store, ours is in a Hy-vee. It attracts all sorts of colorful people. Today, being as warm as it was, everyone was wearing shorts and barely any clothes. My boss, Jason, is obsessed with teen girls and everytime one comes in he has a heartattack. Three girls walk in, two wearing bikinis and one at least put her shirt on. All had pants on but.. who is looking at that part? One of the girls wearing a bikini had an absolutely gorgeous body. Victoria Secret model body, so its not something you see wearing a bathingsuit in Hy-vee everyday. So Jason is staring, making comments about what he would like to do to it, and we (the other four workers, all female) turn and look and we are like Yeah wow I'd love to look like that, etc.

Anyway, they meet up with a fried older (40ish) lady (also scantly clad but luckily not in a bikini top) and pay for their stuff and go around to leave. The two nicer looking girls (the ones in just bikini tops) walk past us and keep going, and the "mom" and the girl with the shirt on stop like they are going to the bank. The mom puts her hand on the counter and yells, "if you are going to stare, dont make it so obvious. You guys were being so rude," and walks off. So we are like um ok... then the younger, third, less hot girl stays back and starts yelling at us. "Why are you people being so ******** rude? You have no right to blatantly stare at us like that and blah blah blah." Well... right when someone starts cursing in the bank we are allowed to call the police. So Jessica says please leave or we will call the police, you need to just go home and not use language like that to us.

Well we are all trying not to laugh because this is ridiculous, and the girl is like still yelling at us, acting like shes gonna do something about it. Jessica was like its a free country, we can look at whatever we want to. And the girl starts yelling about something again and Jessica was like You really need to just get outta here. The girl was like well aren't you gonna apologize or anything? Courtney then was like, why? Because you came up here and started cursing at us? No we arent gonna apologize, just go home."

So anyway the girl finally leaves and we are laughing and this poor little old 70ish lady was at the counter the WHOLE time, and she was like so scared she was shaking, she thought the girl was gonna try to hurt us. Shes like I cant believe people have no class and would talk to people in public that way! So the poor lady walked off saying something about how the girl was probably on something and we ALL start busting laughing. Jason decided to get on the phone right when they started yelling, the puss that he is, so he didnt get to talk to the girl, but he still heard it all.

I mean, who comes into Hy-vee wearing nothing but a bathingsuit and then gets mad that people are looking at them? If you dont want people to look at you, put some clothes on! The mom with them was such trailor trash that we can tell where her daughter (I guess) gets it from. Funny thing is, we were looking at the two hotter girls, especially the one, not either of the other two ugly asses. Jason said someone should have told her that. Anyway, we were laughing about that pretty much right up until 7.

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comment Commented on: Wed Aug 03, 2005 @ 04:40am
I heart J00!!!!! whee lol

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